There is nothing out of the ordinary here. It broke the .382 retracement earlier after hammering away at it repeatedly. The expectation is that this would result as the next target is the .50% retracemnt in the 37s. This is how bear markets work. 

    it's kind of fun watching

    Posted by matt on 19th of May 2021 at 01:15 am

    it's kind of fun watching it. Steve and I will have a laugh tomorrow about someone we warned that this was coming who didn't listen

    otherwise as far as market, ES futures down 21,

    Nice nice...  I sold 80%

    Posted by fredsaid on 19th of May 2021 at 01:18 am

    Nice nice...  I sold 80% of my Crypto early yesterday based on Matt's newsletter comments yesterday about the 40K level.  Was a little confused by the new MARA:GBTC RENKO chart which seemed to trigger a long but looks like we're going to get a whiplash which happens tends to happen on the renkos - like you need 3 or 4 bars before your good to grab a few more. Got a buy order in for Etherium at 2660 and another at 2140.  I'm done with BTC and now focused on ETH only until ETH2 comes out.  I have a handful of XRP which unfortunately we can't buy in the US anymore but I'm continuing to add to it in Canada.


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