regarding the KISS stuff, as you know I made that sector workspace with all the major sectors on it. I'm probably going to do the same for some other lists of stocks like maybe one with 20 of the major gold/silver stocks on it. I'd also like to make one for the IBD 20 stocks (the IBD 50 is too many for one workspace), and maybe one for Motley Fool charts

    that said - does anyone here have an IBD subscription? If so can you send me their IBD 20 stock list?  thanks

    Please keeping posting these, they

    Posted by cozz101 on 31st of Dec 2020 at 03:19 pm

    Please keeping posting these, they are very helpful. I just bought a little XLE for a trade noticing how close price was to the DVT and with the cycle buy. Put my stop in right away so not risking much. 

    Same with SMH because it looks like this has a nice pattern; AMD and AMAT kind of looking the same but I personally like to use etf's to mediate risk a little. 

    XLV looks like it's breaking out today too; hope it's for real  :)

    Happy New Year!

    never mind on sending me

    Posted by matt on 31st of Dec 2020 at 12:30 pm

    never mind on sending me the IBD 20, I have them. 

    here's the IBD 20 stocks on one workspace


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