Love this!

    so regarding the Zoom -

    Posted by matt on 17th of Dec 2020 at 01:29 pm

    so regarding the Zoom - I added real audio voice alerts for the cycles so whenever there's a new cycle support or resistance you will hear something like "New cycle support generated on the 15 min ES chart".  I will be adding the voice alert for the DVT prices as well so whenever there's a new DVT price on say the 120 min charts or daily, a voice will say "New DVT price generated on the 120 min QQQ chart at 305".  I may also add voice alerts for the A's that pop up, amateur traders, or the 9 sequential Denmark, but not sure if that would be too much or not. Not like they pop up that much however.  Will probably add those extra voice alerts either late this week or on weekend


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