Hi!  Apologies for this question, possible

    Posted by jmagaia on 4th of Dec 2020 at 11:30 am


    Apologies for this question, possible stupid question.
    My question:
    In Alarms, example, TLT is still long, but only for someone enter in two days ago, right? I think in actual chart we have to sell with stop who enter before, sure?  


    jmagia - please realize those

    Posted by matt on 4th of Dec 2020 at 11:58 am

    jmagia - please realize those alarms are not buy and sell alerts - they are simply meant as an alert when price gets close to a trendline or breakpoint. It's just like if you have a list of stocks that you put on your quote screen, for example you see that stock ABC has a resistance at $10 and you set an alarm at 9.95 to go off and alert you early to have a look at it, that's all those are, just to alert that price is near a trendline or some area to monitor, it doesn't mean you buy or short when an alarm triggers, plus those are delayed data.

    TLT alarm might have been some typo where one of us typed in a wrong number or something. That's why if you see some alarm you don't just blindly act on them

    see the FAQ on those alarms



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