looks like that DVDS system trade is not going to close out, but I mean the indicator is within a hair's breath of causing a stop out.

    again do what fits your style and plan

    LOL so it actually did

    Posted by matt on 30th of Nov 2020 at 04:04 pm

    LOL so it actually did close out - that's why TS sucks at times, wasn't showing a close out now shows it closed out.

    Good rule of thumb........... Never

    Posted by tgo5043 on 1st of Dec 2020 at 07:49 am

    Good rule of thumb........... Never Short during a Bull Market.

    tgo5043  -that post is ridiculous

    Posted by matt on 1st of Dec 2020 at 11:07 am

    tgo5043  -that post is ridiculous and has nothing to do with those systems. First off define a bull market exactly, systems need exact definitions. However that said that blanket statement is not relevant and not applicable at all, it's like saying take no Long trades in a bear market, well define a bear market, is it 20% decline, is it 50 days below the 200 day MA or 100 days etc. . 

    However the most important thing is that reversion to mean systems are that, things get too stretched away from the 9 EMA  in all markets and prices are then susceptible to a pullback back to the 9 EMA or the mean. It doesn't matter if you are in a bull or bear market. Prices get stretched both to the upside and down side too far away from the 9 EMA in both markets and there are trade opportunities.  The exhaustion short generally only occurs in bull markets and in VERY strong uptrends, and they play out just fine, things are too stretched, hence the rubber band is bound to snap back to the mean

    plus you had a 35% correction in Feb/Mar - and that was in a bull market - if I had a short signal in late Feb I should not have taken it because the market was in a bull market.

    the DVDS system closed out yesterday. the ETF portion hardly lost a thing, -1.3% and -0.9%, basically almost nothing. now the options didn't fair as well because they are leveraged and the VIX has been fallen. Also that trade was profile for a bit, it just didn't close out on the pullback that occurred after that 2nd entry. Otherwise it did its job, it closed out with a stop, and just in time as it did that yesterday, losses were small - which is what trading is about, you get in, and have an exit plan if you are wrong

    tell you what guys -

    Posted by matt on 1st of Dec 2020 at 11:22 am

    tell you what guys - here's a bunch of examples of the Exhaustion Short sub system, all these occurred in bull markets, so let's just remove them all, no more of these trades since you should not take short trades in bull markets

    so there you go, they are all gone now

    I'm teasing I'm not going to do that, but pet peeve of mine, blanket statements about bull and bear market really should have nothing to with trading. Trading is about seeing an opportunity with a trigger and an exit if you are wrong. Also most people can't even define what a bear market is as there are so many interpretations. Your triggers from your plan or a system is what matters for trades. Not what some some loose definition of what state the market is in. 

    okay enough of this let's move on

    Keep 'em coming! These system

    Posted by timebandit on 1st of Dec 2020 at 05:37 pm

    Keep 'em coming! These system signals provide good, tradable information.

    SPY systems became money makers

    Posted by makarolya on 1st of Dec 2020 at 01:19 pm

    SPY systems became money makers for me,  including all recent short trades. I applaud Matt and Steve for the great job they are doing, sharing the SPY trades with our community. I also want to compliment Matt and Steve for explaining SPY systems in details over and over again. When I joined the forum about a year ago, the SPY systems were difficult for me to understand in the beginning, and I do not trade what I don't understand. But as time goes by, I get better and better understanding how Matt's system works, I started to put more money in it and my trading in SPY systems improved tremendously. My advice to those in doubt - please take your time to study SPY systems and observe the trades, and you will be rewarded in the end.

    I agree, there is something

    Posted by cozz101 on 1st of Dec 2020 at 01:55 pm

    I agree, there is something for everyone here. I have had a lot of success with the SPY systems and also KISS systems! And I don't trade options, unless selling them; which is just my own preference... I like to keep it simple.  

    Matt & Steve have made almost too much available here for us to use.  Often times, I see the same patterns but it's nice to have a pro see triangles, pennants, wedges etc to confirm and give confirmation of my own observations. 

    I think if you don't have success using this site, you are probably afraid to pull the trigger on a trade! (and manage the trade once in  :)

    I would hate to see

    Posted by rogerv on 1st of Dec 2020 at 01:53 pm

    I would hate to see the short systems go. All subscribers that use your short systems should go to the Systems section and look at the figures. ie, The Exhaust System #1 &#2 have been 100% profitable in the past. The Hi-Mid-Low short system has been profitable 97.9% in the past. I have been a subscriber for 12 years and have made your fees many times over with the systems. Hope you and Steve keep all you have worked on for years. Much appreciated !!

    Hi Matt, Can you still

    Posted by kevindeng0727 on 1st of Dec 2020 at 11:33 am

    Hi Matt, Can you still send us the signals and let us decide (maybe add some comments like 'this is not part of official trades')?  Even the recent signal gave me a great hedge and I sold it early for a profit. Thanks

    +1 Yes , please continue to

    Posted by jmagaia on 1st of Dec 2020 at 11:50 am


    Yes , please continue to post.  

    I know sometime the software have this limitations. 


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