AMD comments

    Posted by matt on 19th of Nov 2020 at 12:14 pm

    AMD - Chart Linkreplying to arun below, on AMD could be long now either with a wide stop just below the 50 and 20 MA's, or using a 60 min chart today's low could be a tight stop

    otherwise interesting times for chips. While AMD is kicking INTC's butt, AAPL's new M1 chip is pretty incredible and x86 manufactures like AMD even have to worry longer term.  That M1 chip is delivering incredible performance on only 5 and 10 watts. Even running X86 programs in emulation are almost as fast as running on INTC or AMD X86 chips. Crazy, we could start to see a shift to more RISC based architecture and away from X86 now in the coming years


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