?  I'm talking about BEAT and I think you're talking about the market.  Last night you said BEAT needs to find support so I was just wondering if that made it an invalid setup cause it was breaking down too much.  Looks like it bounced right back up on the open.  It's back above it's 200day MA now so I guess it's still a good setup.

    okay, well here's two charts

    Posted by matt on 15th of Oct 2020 at 10:12 am

    okay, well here's two charts of BEAT. Remember use 60 min chart along with daily. On 60 min chart you can see an earlier resistance trigger via the downtrend line. For now the dotted line is where my stop would be if I bought now.  

    again many ways to skin the cat. Buy now place stop at the low. Wait for price to break the downtrend line on the 60 min then go long and place a stop. Wait for the horizontal resistance to be taken out on the daily


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