Matt and Steve, 

    Thanks for the work you guys do and your efforts to constantly improve the service. Personally, I like the idea of less ideas with more detail, such as adding the 60 min chart and more details explaining possible entry choices, stops and targets. Not sure what your universe of stocks for trade ideas is, but maybe you can reduce that a bit with some filters such as minimum volume requirements (avoid thinly traded stocks), minimum price ($1.00+), minimum APTR (Average Percent True Range - if you want a certain level of volatility in the picks so they move), maybe only show the highest probability patterns/set-ups, etc. It does get a bit overwhelming with so many choices, and when you start tracking the trades that take a little longer to trigger the list can get quite long quickly. 

    Focus on tight patterns (or

    Posted by steve on 13th of Oct 2020 at 12:45 pm

    Focus on tight patterns (or bases)  which allow for objective entries with tight stops - I suggest you take time and review many past setups and see what type of patterns you like to trade.  You can easily shift down to a 60 minute charts on your own - get in the habit of doing it yourself since that's how it becomes engrained versus someone telling you.  Does that make sense?  That's how you learn by doing. 


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