Big educational newsletter tonight on trade ideas

    Posted by matt on 12th of Oct 2020 at 07:36 pm

    Tonight in the newsletter I recorded it in video format and did a very extensive educational on how the trade the trade ideas, manage stops etc. Note I will eventually do a stand alone video for this but for now PLEASE watch the video you will learn a lot and it will help you

    CLICK HERE  to watch the Newsletter Video.  Note my education on the trade ideas begins at 26.5 min into the video

    CLICK HERE to view the static newsletter charts

    Great educational content in this

    Posted by coolhat on 13th of Oct 2020 at 08:49 am

    Great educational content in this video. Thanks Matt. Do you think it's better to place GTC stop loss order instead of GTC Stop Limit as long as you're monitoring closely?

    Yes don't use limit orders.

    Posted by matt on 13th of Oct 2020 at 09:02 am

    Yes don't use limit orders. I've used them before and price gapped over them or didn't trigger.  A generic stop order will always trigger. Yes just like anything could you get stopped out and then have the stock reverse, of course but as you saw from my video (and there will a dedicated video later this week focuses only on trade ideas, stops, etc) if you follow those simple guidelines I lay out over the long run you'll make money. It's about the long game, trading these ideas with a disciplined approach you will do very well over time.

    but again stop orders not stop limit orders.  And again everyone should be checking their stock holdings once a day for significant news etc that could cause a large move of gap

    Matt, great video. Thanks. I

    Posted by lapri24 on 13th of Oct 2020 at 01:36 am

    Matt, great video. Thanks. I usually buy the breakout if I do buy, but for once I did buy inside the pattern, sold half with the next day pop, put the stop and got stopped out, still with profit. That was BOXL. Learning slowly and recovering slowly from September rout.


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