I mean should be clear

    SPX 60 Updated View

    Posted by matt on 5th of Oct 2020 at 02:42 pm

    I mean should be clear we've discussed all that for months, discussed in newsletters.  Right now we have it on your side. I'd like to be able to put on Tradestation but we still haven't been able to get that done because seems like every week there's always some other fire to put out that is always more pressing.  It's not an easy thing to put on Tradestation Network because we have to write a detailed PDF describing all the inputs etc, and TS is slow, it's probably a 3 week process would be me guess. 

    it's on the agenda to do but we just haven't had to time to focus on it with having to deal with these more pressing issues lately

    Makes sense, just wondering if

    Posted by shecar on 5th of Oct 2020 at 03:21 pm

    Makes sense, just wondering if there was a workaround or similar type of "built in" indicator we could use until tradestation gets worked out.


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