Posted by najor on 13th of Sep 2020 at 09:20 pm

    TRADING WITH THE TREND:     I've noticed  that if you trade  the SPY system  in the same direction as the KISS system  it will result  in  greater than 50%  more profit than show  on the chart with less than 50% of the trades executed  for the SPY system.    You may have missed some winners but you sure missed a lot of big losers.  Bottom line trade with the trend you may have to wait a few days for the KISS to get in sync with your SPY trade but it is well worth it after 18months of trading the SPY trades.   Just an observation. maybe results will change ?  The KISS system is very impressive .                                                                         

    honestly I think that's over

    Posted by matt on 13th of Sep 2020 at 10:10 pm

    honestly I think that's over thinking it. The systems are not related to one another, and trade opposite to one another most of the time.  under that analogy you wouldn't take the exhaustion short because the KISS system would be long.

    again either trade them or don't but treat them as their own system trades, don't try to make it over complicated by seeing what the KISS trend system is doing. The KISS trend system was designed to stay in the market most of the time, the reversion to mean systems are in cash most of the time.  

    if you want extra protection on the reversion to mean systems do call and put spreads instead.  Also I give you the stats to each sub system when they do a trade, which by the way I'll be adding those to the website eventually. I'm going to re build out that spy reversion to mean section more


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