I believe before all things are said and done that prices will be lower by the time this things totally bottoms. That said in the short term there is still the possibility of the B bounce up first.  We are nearing a support level and have wedge like patterns and divergence on 60 min time frames

    so basically we could see a nice move up, then after then another move down and then complete. 

    Or could it just go much lower first before bottoming yes.  but otherwise there is a possibility prices shore up in here in the short term and attempt a bounce, which would be nice to have those SPY reversion to mean systems exit on. If instead prices decide to take another dump first, we'll then those systems will take 2nd entries

    inflection point this week.  nice

    Posted by Orangeman on 12th of Sep 2020 at 02:44 pm

    inflection point this week.  nice analysis from CCM per usual.



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