erikvik, PRTS is moving about 63 cents a day. The range of that 1 minute candle was 70 cents, more than it normally moves in a day. Your spread  was 29% of what it normally moves in a day, which should have been plenty. In addition the next 1 min candle had a low of 9.16, so price came back in your range. Seems to me you should have been filled. Sucks that you weren't. I use ToS. I've gotten some REALLY bad fills when I've just done buy stop orders, so I've switched to buy stop-limit orders. I vary the stop-limit spread based on the ATR of the stock. For example, for a stock that moves $1 a day, a 5-10 cent stop to limit spread should get you filled, at least it usually does with ToS.  A stock that moves $10 a day may need a larger spread since it can generally move quicker in a short timeframe. 


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