I agree with your sentiment, but the woman in line before you isn't the real problem.  Let's first address the biggest outrages in front of us: corporations and banks being bailed out.  Back in 2008 when Goldman Sachs was on the ropes, the federal government stepped in with $10 billion  and bailed them out.   Feds didn't even insist on a % interest in future profits in exchange for the risk they were taking on.  All downside risk without any upside other than the possibility the funds would be paid back.  Goldman were not the only ones, and I suspect much the same is happening once again.  With that backdrop, it's hard to get worked up about people taking advantage of the $600 subsidy.

    Agree.  You have to look

    Posted by ssaffer on 3rd of May 2020 at 10:52 pm

    Agree.  You have to look at who was leading the Fed at the time all ex-Goldman employees.   Anyway.  If you cannot get people to work in grocery stores, etc... We will not be able to get essentials.   That's a problem. 


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