Hayy Dent was extremely bullish in on January 27 in a YouTube video saying the market was going straight up as the smart money was buying and he didn't see a peak until May or June. Others like Matt and Steve on here even in January were warning us of all the negative divergences, etc.    

    Oh, I totally agree with

    Posted by goldnice on 1st of Apr 2020 at 12:31 am

    Oh, I totally agree with you, i am not a huge fan of harry dents work most of the time but that chart is very interesting. matt and steve have been warning all of us for a long time about the risk of the market at the feb top. Most of us on here are familiar with Elliott Wave analysis and we have been on the lookout for the final wave 5 top for the last 2 years and we got that last month. It was worth the wait! 


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