FED pumped billion into repo to curb the rise in bonds, panic gone now. 30 yr bond shows it and big guys selling assets to cover bond losses say the Armstrong. Gold just an everyday asset now as gov't put it in lockdown, cannot travel with it, hard to exchange it without paperwork, millennials have no use for it....go try to buy a cup of coffee with a silver ounce bar, lol  I gander the place to be is the juniors and big open pit explorers to sell their stories and play the leverage but just not at that point in time yet. They will preach stories of big mine to be built but always a pipe dream as it takes 30 yrs to make a mine and the bubble always pops  before .... been thru a few of these cycles ,seen it all many times. Word of advice  for the brave ones buying explorers is make sure the share count is low, market turns down for yrs and they consolidate 10:1 and crater the price again and as the bosses say here 'follow the chart in front of you' foremost. Never ever fall in love with a gold/silver stock. If in a mining journal write up as the best thing since sliced bread, RUN. 

    Rant over, burnt and learnt.

    thanks for the insight.  Maybe

    Posted by vinylchild on 11th of Mar 2020 at 01:28 pm

    thanks for the insight.  Maybe gold etfs are just the best play

    you may like HEP  

    Posted by highroller on 11th of Mar 2020 at 01:52 pm

    you may like HEP   holds only 10 majors, 8% each    GOEX gives you some Aussie exposure.  in the gound explorers  silvercrest, chesapeake gold. Forgot to mention the 13 trillion in bonds yielding negative elephant in the room, not the virus. Spend the 15 bucks and sub to armstrong basic .


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