I'm not sure what your point is of buying AAPL every Friday, why every Friday?  I've been long AAPL in my IRA since Sept, as well as MSFT, (sold DIS last week but will look to buy it back), and sold AMD finally. Again I don't really understand the whole buy on Friday thing, just follow the daily chart man

    FWIW Just as an answer;

    Posted by stevieb294 on 18th of Nov 2019 at 08:43 am

    FWIW Just as an answer; there are any number of options trading courses that suggest buying, for example, SPX credit spreads every Monday when the trend is up (as defined by them.) This helps the student not have to follow a chart (or think too much.) Obviously it works well until it doesn't. They excuse their losses by citing their gains.

    Just that the weekly call

    Posted by deep on 18th of Nov 2019 at 07:23 am

    Just that the weekly call option on AAPL has been a winner on it every week like clockwork.  Buy it Friday am and sell it a few mins before close.  Haven't seen that in a single stock that consistently but you are right, could have bought any of those a couple months ago and done great.


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