Gold Article Yesterday

    Posted by steve on 8th of Nov 2019 at 08:22 am

    It amazes me that these

    Posted by RP on 8th of Nov 2019 at 08:49 am

    It amazes me that these firms cant see the forest for the trees. The trade deal 1st phase is a bone for the markets that is all so the chinese will buy soybeans from us sometime next summer ok so what does that do to solve the real issues of intelectual property theft nothing! Opiod problem so they killed a guy threw couple guys in jail on the issue that does solve the issue. Hong Kong is not resolved and a dead student today. We hav nutwackers impeaching our president on hersay and trying to destroy our constitution. we hav iran on fast track to develope a nuclear bomb and to top it off 80% of mexico is controled by the cartels not the mexican goverment so guess what all the folks i know are not interested in going down there anymore so how does that make their economy any better! geeze what has changed on thursday go like i said in january of this year the chiese deal will take years and may never really get done as they do whatever they want to steal and manipulate countrys around the world to get what they want..

    Agree and nothing seems believable

    Posted by retirefire on 8th of Nov 2019 at 08:58 am

    Agree and nothing seems believable concerning news. I'm convinced now since becoming approx. 5 month member Matts and Steve technical expertise's are the best tool (and other members here) for navigating these markets and commodities.  The SPY systems give me a fighting chance.  


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