well by your logic, months or all year under performing relative to the other indexes, does one day really matter? I know that it outperformed on many other days as well this year. What matters is the trend.

    you can monitor that by looking at the IWM/SPY ratio - it's been down trending since Feb as you can see fromt he chart. It's had plenty of days even a couple 1 - 2 weeks when it's outperformed but overall the trend is down. Now one could monitor for at rendline break. for now it's bounced off a lower trendline with some divergence in place. But otherwise way too early to say if that's a major bottom for it yet

    otherwise for now watch the 50 day MA on IWM, closing above that on a good closing candle would be short term positive

    Thanks Matt.

    Posted by erikvik on 9th of Sep 2019 at 03:31 pm

    Thanks Matt.


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