Yield curve inverts !  C'mon

    Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 01:24 pm

    Yield curve inverts !  C'mon 2840 .. giddyaup!

    Haha ... looks like target

    Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 05:34 pm

    Haha ... looks like target was reached.  I'm looking for another bounce that should take 5-7 trading days to form the 3rd hump on the S&P monthly with a lower high below 2922 ... Maybe Trump confirms more Tax breaks if the Fed doesn't get on board..  Then he increases the Tariffs more or imposes some on Germany. That should ensure going off the cliff in September.  That is my preferred path unless of course we just catapult down on Monday.  Have a great weekend all !


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