As I watch the futures

    Posted by deep on 21st of Aug 2019 at 03:07 am

    As I watch the futures move up .. this buyback window is interesting.  I'm thinking most companies will not wait to buy back and will buy on any weakness which supports the bounce theory to get up to my 2970 target.  My Target for this week is 2945 to keep everyone guessing .  'THEY' have to get sentiment positive so GLD can correct.  I'm starting to 2nd guess my timing in that we'll get to 2970 in 7 more trading days although it's possible.   I'm long 8/30 on SPY & QQQs and more short 9/13 on same so if we roll over and tank this week i'm not worried.  Opposite on GLD.  It may take longer than the 2 mtgs this week  to power the bulls (doubt it but has me on edge as news everywhere is counting their chickens today i.e. Powell WILL be a super Dove). Once in a while the news is actually correct (it's the double head fake contrarian view).  Got into DBA today and plan to get into more with the tight stop tomorrow... this is going to trigger.   THEY always want to keep you guessing so there is no easy money...need to stick to your guns(stops).  If somehow, someway I'm completely wrong and  we don't get a Q3 correction I will bet big on a Q4 correction... I really don't think it's going that far but may need to extend my trade out another 4 weeks.  It's so hard calling tops and bottoms.  Market rally and Gold tank remain my most likely view in next 30-60 days, if target is hit, flip the script.  Matt and Steve - you guys rock !  Hope restoration is progressing well Matt and Steve is enjoying the best part of life (family)  Cheers !


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