comments about trade ideas and not over reacting to noise

    Posted by matt on 26th of Jul 2019 at 11:10 am

    when trading it's important to know your time frame and and make logical trading decisions based on that.  For day traders is one thing, but if you call yourself a swing trader it is important not to overreact on noise. For example most of the bank stocks yesterday pulled back, but it was really just noise, was no reasons to dump them or get scared out of positions. I bring this up because I talk to a lot of members who tell me they've tried our trade ideas and lose money, however after I ask them for specific trade details, I find that many of them call themselves swing traders but stop out on tiny moves or noise, when in reality they need to be giving their positions more wiggle room to work. Position size helps, if the small noise is uncomfortable for you to sit through, then reduce your position size so that you can give the stock room that makes sense on the chart.

    here's some of the bank stocks for example that were down slightly yesterday but was no reason to sell them esp for losses

    PB - Chart Link - for example pulled back yesterday but that was just noise, has a flag look

    BOH - Chart Link - yesterday it simply paused, now moving higher again

    BBT - Chart Link - yesterday was simply noise

    KBE - Chart Link - again yesterday was simply noise, was really no reason to dump it yesterday

    Can you post some real

    Posted by cape_rover on 26th of Jul 2019 at 06:16 pm

    Can you post some real time trades - buys and sells?  It would be a good tutorial.


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