Hey Matt— did SPY close

    Posted by pep8261 on 6th of Dec 2018 at 06:10 pm

    Hey Matt— did SPY close out today?  Systems tab says still long but I would have thought the momentum indicator for bear long would have turned on this. ( I apologize in advance if I missed what you said nor do I wish to ignite any complaining on the board. I know it’s under renovation. Yes/no works) 

    I had turned and was

    Posted by matt on 6th of Dec 2018 at 07:38 pm

    I had turned and was red much of the day, I had an email ready to send. I'll discuss that tonight.  Also there's official gonna be two SPY systems going forward, a Longs Only and a Shorts only.  There can be overlap at times, which I think is good.  For example the Shorts only system was short since Monday, would have been a nice offset to that long, but was covered up on the combined chart. I like the idea of two SPY systems running together - especially during times when they both overlap one another to provide a short of hedge.  As far as the momentum depends on the length used, a short one flips fast, while a long one is slow to respond.

    Thanks for finally going to

    Posted by burkmere on 7th of Dec 2018 at 08:52 am

    Thanks for finally going to a simplified SPY SYSTEM. I have been asking for this for many moons. 


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