Matt: Thank you for the

    Posted by rojoch on 1st of Jun 2018 at 03:33 pm

    Matt: Thank you for the stop-management thoughts last week.

    Got in to SE (Sea Limited) on May 16th and stopped out (right at the LOD!) on my own $ trailing stop 3 days later.  

    Jumped back in that same day, and last week switched to a stop-ratcheting approach loosely based on what you were describing, and it has kept me in it during its recent run, despite the pullbacks.

    Now up 20% from where I re-entered, and have an objective way to trail up the stops so that I don't end up doing a round-trip (currently "guaranteed" a gain of >13% ).

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts Matt!  It's a big help for us who have been finding countless ways to lose money (or give it all back) on our own.


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