Again guys please watch the video, I really want all of you to become consistently profitable traders and be able to utilize our trade ideas to do that.  Some of you struggle with this and that's why I made the video.  Steve and I both want you to succeed!  

    Also going forward I plan to add initial stop suggestions and targets to most of my trade ideas so that you can utilize the formula I discussed in my video in order to set your PROPER position size, and defined risk that is based on YOUR personal risk tolerance (which I discuss in the video).  If you guys do this, you will become profitable traders over time.  Here's a few new ideas where I have added stops and targets so that you can calculate your proper trade size based on your personal risk tolerance.  I would also like to ask Steve to add these to his watchlist trade ideas when possible.  It takes us longer to do that but in the end it's worth it because we want you to succeed and I think this will help.  Also realize that not every trade idea will have stops and targets listed because there are times when the setup is trickier and needs to be played by ear, however I will do so when I can.

    Thanks Matt appreciate the video.

    Posted by morton7 on 11th of Mar 2018 at 09:13 am

    Thanks Matt appreciate the video. I like the idea of going forward having the targets and stops on the charts for easy reference. I know I need to get more mechanical with my trades for sure.


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