Posted by cmunny on 18th of Feb 2014 at 12:19 pm

    Producers with some earnings issues, but low volatility patterns.  AR filling gap here on top of base now.  CG overcoming a rough quarter and sitting at a major inflection point.  First Maj similar situation, free air above , will it fill gap first...  Our proprietary GDX_CMNY_JR index is up 58% YTD, GDXJ, 33%, GDX 19% .  The GDX_CMNY_JR beats all non-leveraged ETFs YTD.   In looking at other top YTD performers not in the index, SVLC is certainly a worthy member. and a number of others have had oversized gains after naked shorting / tax loss selling late last year.  ANV looks good consolidating over the breakout. as a CDNX proxy has been very good.

    Excuseme, what is "GDX_CMNY_JR? But, time

    Posted by jmagaia on 18th of Feb 2014 at 01:25 pm

    Excuseme, what is "GDX_CMNY_JR?
    But, time to time I have time to see the site. In my work I do not be able access.
    There some words, that I do no not know.


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