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You're right Mia,  I think the only way will be allowing time to erode a large chunk of this debt away. If they can somehow manage to get some sideways action going for a few years then maybe things will reset somewhat. Problem is people are addicted to quick gains, it seems normal nowadays.

How is that determined?  BPT system algorithm?

Hi all, can someone tell

Posted by vasiboy on 9th of Mar 2023 at 01:23 am

Hi all, can someone tell me what “A’s” refers to?  Thanks

Soon BPT will get a

Kobeissi Letter (Interesing Stats)

Posted by vasiboy on 5th of Mar 2023 at 04:55 pm

Soon BPT will get a tap on the shoulder and be asked to leave the premises, because the systems will be considered “card counting” :)

Is that a "tongue in

Kobeissi Letter (Interesing Stats)

Posted by vasiboy on 5th of Mar 2023 at 02:48 pm

Is that a "tongue in cheek" comment Steve? The stock market has been a casino since the tulip bubble mania. LOL

Completely agree Arun, these companies aren't going anywhere so I was doing same, vs trying to trade crypto-crap and all these penny stocks which is like trying to throw darts blindfolded. I also traded the "non" system alert from last week. Sometimes you've gotta put your money where your mouth is.

The tricky one atm is Nat Gas, there are obviously bigger forces at play trying to suppress it, but it wont last long, once again it ain't going anywhere, so you need to take some heat on those cahones. Just my style :)

I won't trade on systems alone, they are a guide, but when a straight up bull run is staring you in the face from early Jan and the systems have not taken even one long, and are still sitting on the sidelines (on the long side), you gotta wonder.

Anyway made my own decisions, the rest is history.

I see many system comments here today

My question is, why haven't any of the other systems taken short positions?

Based on last year the systems would have added to their shorts by now.

Also, other the the KISS, why have no long trades triggered on pullbacks?

Surely having so many systems one should have triggered, I think the bear long even triggered last year.

It is frustrating to watch potential trades go by, and worse still having a loser so close to signing up here.

Thanks for the reply Crossharry,

DVDS closing?

Posted by vasiboy on 31st of Jan 2023 at 03:12 pm

Thanks for the reply Crossharry, can you please tell me where is this link on this actual website? I can't see it in the systems section?

Hey Matt, this is what

DVDS closing?

Posted by vasiboy on 30th of Jan 2023 at 10:47 pm

Hey Matt, this is what I see in the system section, is the SPY short still active? Also the DVDS system chart has 3 red arrows but only 2 trade entries?

Also where do I find that succinct table you show in your post here, re open trades?


It does look like there was a third DVDS entry ? (top right chart), but table shows only 2 entries.

Also SPY table shows open short via SH is that still valid?

So why are we short

TICK pivots on ES

Posted by vasiboy on 27th of Jan 2023 at 03:20 pm

So why are we short DVDS?

That's approx 45 pounds of gold... sorry too heavy, I'll get a sore back .... LOL


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