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Matt, you and Steve and the whole BPT team do a magnificent jobs in all respects .... sometimes stuff just happens .. but I am very glad that you are here to help us navigate through it. Perhaps we don't say thank you enough but I know I am sure as heck  thinking it every day I read the news letter . Thank you!!!

Hi Matt

I  believe that I speak for the majority of the members here when I say that we greatly appreciate all the you, Steve and the whole BPT crew do for us. 

The fact that a minority of the members get under your skin is a testimonial to your personal integrity, the quality of work that you aspire to, and your personal sense of caring for us as people and not as just dollars. Sadly, this might be the cross you have to bear for being a quality person. There are plenty of people in this field who do not have your attributes  and I feel lucky to have found you and this site.

The systems are a great tool for the website and would hate to see them go away but I would certainly respect your decision in this regard.

Please just remember that the VAST majority of BPT members support  you in all that you try to do for us.

I agree.. I like the combined report

Thanks Steve... it is very

ES 240 Minute

Posted by tbaldy on 13th of May 2011 at 09:04 am

Thanks Steve... it is very striking how similar the pattern is  around the last 2 touches (4/20 and 5/12)... the action looks almost identical

which option did you decide


Posted by tbaldy on 1st of Nov 2010 at 12:08 pm

which option did you decide to play?

Hi Think or Swim has this

SSO 34 System Trade

Posted by tbaldy on 13th of Apr 2010 at 02:30 pm


Think or Swim has this feature and it worked fairly well

Tom D

HI I believe that the autotrade

Automated Mechanical Systems

Posted by tbaldy on 26th of May 2009 at 09:29 am


I believe that the autotrade in TOS only works off of trade triggers provided by an external service, not personalized parameters like we need for SRS etc

Perhaps a next version of TOS might provide this or perhaps Breakpoint trades would consider providing the trade triggers to TOS as an extra revenue producing service.





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