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I second that, thank you.  I'm a returning member who just joined recently, and I searched for Heikin and Matt but couldn't find it on the site.

I'm watching KBWY, a SMALL/MID CAP commercial real estate ETF.  seems to me that this sector gets hurt the most if regional banks can't lend.  the chart is extremely oversold and took a 5% dive yesterday.   KWBY link

For me, I altered the

OVX crude VIX

Posted by skwan1940 on 20th of Mar 2023 at 11:11 am

For me, I altered the chart to include dots (closes) and Bollinger Bands.  It is easier for me to see.

Great work Matt.  just curious how would crude oil (such as USO) have done recently with the KISS system since oil was in a sideways range (no trend) for a while?  Would there have been whipsaw signals?

I'm curious about this also as I want to trade the system using options in a small legacy account I have.  Thanks.

MACD 25,170,25- I haven't posted

Posted by skwan1940 on 2nd of Mar 2023 at 01:58 pm

MACD 25,170,25- I haven't posted in 8 years, used to be a BPT member (old username rikkwan) but I recently joined again.  I searched the community postings for 25,170,25 but didn't find anything on that in recent years.  Matt used to post the MACD 25,170,25 all the time and I always thought it was a great macd setting for trend identification.  I notice that when the 25,170,25 tries to go positive or negative (like today), typically we get a reaction from the market, kind of like the 13/34.  Anyway, it's good to be back to BPT.


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