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Hi Matt,  From your email,

Posted by mrbass77 on 18th of Mar 2023 at 09:08 pm

Hi Matt,  From your email, you added a 5th item:     "5. QQQ KISS went long on March 15th with a second STS stop."  I see an STS of 285.2 for QQQ.  I don't see a second STS.  What is the second stop that you are referencing

Yes I agree Matt - would have been great to have known about this setup before today's open.  Is this setup worthy of being included within your short subsystems?

Thanks Steve.  At what moment

Posted by mrbass77 on 27th of Feb 2023 at 12:48 pm

Thanks Steve.  At what moment did you pull the trigger on the PUT entry?  My strategy would have been:  Once $SPX entered the demand zone (> 4010), Buy the put on a break back below the 4010 level.  Curious what you did?

Steve, what puts did you

Posted by mrbass77 on 27th of Feb 2023 at 11:39 am

Steve, what puts did you buy today that you successfully traded?

Let's just say that SPX

Posted by mrbass77 on 22nd of Feb 2023 at 03:03 pm

Let's just say that SPX closes @ 3982.   I'm assuming that if we're following the 401K KISS system for the daily SPX, we should be closing that trade since SPX would close under the STS of 3993 - correct?

AI question:  Hey Matt -

Posted by mrbass77 on 9th of Feb 2023 at 03:02 pm

AI question:  Hey Matt - With AI being the hot topic of late - wondering if you're considering using AI to create future subsystems?  Has anyone else here used AI to create a trading system?

I'm curious about this as well.  The KISS chart shows 3838.  Where do you see 3915?

Speaking of SPY, I see there's an ES live trade.  Don't see the SH trade listed in the live SPY trade table.  Just want to confirm there's a live SH trade in effect as well - thanks.

Hi Matt/Steve,  I'm Don Hastings -

Posted by mrbass77 on 30th of Nov 2022 at 02:00 pm

Hi Matt/Steve, 

I'm Don Hastings - on my trial period.  Would like to sign up today for 6 month subscription.  How do I do so?

Hi Matt,  Looking at your

Posted by mrbass77 on 29th of Nov 2022 at 03:52 pm

Hi Matt,  Looking at your latest SPY equity curve line chart, included in your email, is that a mistake or are you saying that you had just 50 SPY trades since 1/3/1995?


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