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For what it's worth, as a relatively new customer (since Nov), I'm pleased that you provide signals for all the systems on both SPY and ES.   Thanks for doing that.  

I only trade options for the systems and choose a position size based on the statistics for that particular system, also looking at its sample size (total number of trades).  This approach provides me with the risk / reward balance I want.  With my other responsibilities, I prefer to trade just once a day - so the way you're operating is perfect for me and has enabled me to get a solid return this year.  

Because the ES system doesn't close until after options trading ends, I will typically take a risk that the ES signal may or may not fade between the time I buy the options and the time ES closes / reopens..

By showing all the systems, you enable me to follow follow my plan.  Perhaps a new subscriber could dip their toe in the water by just trading the ETFs with a fixed position each time until they feel more comfortable with the process.  Anyway, I figured I'd drop a note of encouragement.  Thanks again.

Based on the original post,

Systems trade tables updated

Posted by matthp on 2nd of Aug 2022 at 04:27 pm

Based on the original post, it seems safe to assume that these two Stoch 60 entries exited on 7/28.  I know they're not being traded officially but I'm hoping the exits can be confirmed.  Matt said it'd be tracked.

Is the Stochastic 60, 50%

Systems trade tables updated

Posted by matthp on 27th of Jul 2022 at 03:59 pm

Is the Stochastic 60, 50% rejection exiting today?


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