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PRED has been undergoing a major short attack since last week. I saw one interesting post on iHub this morning from someone (whose veracity is unclear) who claims that it had been pumped as a story stock by some boiler room operation in Florida and then shorted/dumped. Can't verify any of this!

Steve, that could be a problem, since I live across the water (Puget Sound) from Seattle, and would have to take a ferry. That said, Stockcharts seems to be working fine now,.

Yes, and I'm near Seattle, closer to the gerbils...

Not likely, because the Republicans will no doubt find a way to disenfranchise them...

Trump's unpredictable behaviors may add a measure of unpredictability to the SPY systems?

I believe  Trump was referring to North Korea when he said they were not ready to negotiate.  That was just before he changed subjects in a confusing way and referred to President  Xi's letter.

Happy Passover to everyone...

Happy Easter To Everyone

Posted by jimsim on 21st of Apr 2019 at 02:10 pm

Happy Passover to everyone...

Matt, as an fyi, SCO

Weekend Newsletter April 14th 2019

Posted by jimsim on 14th of Apr 2019 at 08:21 pm

Matt, as an fyi, SCO is a 2X ETF, not 3X. Great newsletter!

EMHTF starting next move up

Posted by jimsim on 19th of Mar 2019 at 12:10 pm

EMHTF starting next move up

It looks like you made the right call! Nice work.

ALL of the indicators on GLD that I follow (see chart below) are turning up in a very constructive way. We'll see.

TNDM has been a beast!

Posted by jimsim on 13th of Mar 2019 at 02:01 pm

TNDM has been a beast!

DFFN looks interesting

Posted by jimsim on 13th of Mar 2019 at 01:56 pm

DFFN looks interesting

IAG was up today on big volume in part because of rumors of a possible buyout by Australia's Evolution Mining

Matt, very nice job with the new format. That said, some of us often do not have time to listen to an entire newsletter, and value the "New Format" so we can cherry-pick the segments that are most important to us, with the accompanying audio commentary. I hope you will consider retaining that format (though I know your time to prepare these newsletters is not infinite!). Thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.

No problem there. I had

Posted by jimsim on 5th of Feb 2019 at 03:49 pm

No problem there. I had no plans to get invested again with Lenigas, but that said, the chart looks good and I hope you do well with it.

Lenigas is a red flag for me.  He's quite the promoter, but it sure didn't help much with my investment in his Artemis Resources.

There have been so many false starts on the predicted renewal of the "uranium bull" that it clearly going to take lots of patience and a long-term view. Over the past year I've taken a series of modest  losses on DNN, URG, UEC, FCUUF and a few others, so I've retreated to the uranium sidelines for the time being. Silver and gold (especially silver) stocks, focusing on the small explorers, look more interesting to me for potentially significant gains over the next year or so. All that said, no doubt my skeptical response to your post marks the start of the uranium bull, lol! Good luck!

mla127, thanks for the reminder

NIO ... setting up again 

Posted by jimsim on 28th of Nov 2018 at 11:56 am

mla127, thanks for the reminder on NIO. I got back in after your post, and like the way the  chart is shaping up now.

Matt, what are you referring

Posted by jimsim on 14th of Nov 2018 at 07:31 pm

Matt, what are you referring to?


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