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I don't think its too much to ask from us to enter the alerts or alarms into our own trading platforms.   In that sense, it makes us look at the charts again and even set up our own watch lists...  And again, those alarms are just "alarms"   One needs to take a look a the chart on a 60 min or 15 min time basis or less, and pick an objective entry point.  Or watch to see if the price will hold there or just break down again....

Back on August the 8th, Steve put up a post with some Solar Industry stocks.   Damn, we should have come back to this in September....  All of these stocks that Steve posted are way up, most over 100%   Check them out...

FSLR ENPH SPWR CSIQ SEDG JKS DQ etc have been trending higher.  Would like to find time to review some names  as likely to be future growth area

AMD - Hey Matt, dip

Posted by hoek2 on 9th of Oct 2020 at 10:54 am

AMD - Hey Matt, dip buy time or did this break out of its pattern?   I see a bear wedge on the daily actually since the 24th...   KISS AMD please.

I like the new format better for the record.   johnpaw1 - you can still view the charts, Matt is doing both.   You can put the video on to listen and then scroll down the charts.

Whatever you chose though is fine with me though Matt.  

I agree with you Matt.   plus, the Youtube stuff, my vote (not that i have one LOL) is that we get the KISS on TS working first!    unless posting to Youtube is something really easy ....

Oct $50 calls uoa yesterday

AXNX Updated View

Posted by hoek2 on 30th of Sep 2020 at 02:05 pm

Oct $50 calls uoa yesterday on this one..

Picked this up at the

RUN Updated View

Posted by hoek2 on 29th of Sep 2020 at 05:15 pm

Picked this up at the end of August, sadly was stopped out of it for a loss on 9/4.      Hopefully someone caught some of this!

AAPL bear flagging here

Posted by hoek2 on 18th of Sep 2020 at 03:53 pm

AAPL bear flagging here

It filled the gap to $112 this morning though.   Possible for it to put in a lower high here and then flush.   I see $97 as a potential target

Wow, I know it doesn't

SPX 3 Updated View

Posted by hoek2 on 17th of Sep 2020 at 02:47 pm

Wow, I know it doesn't always happen that cleanly, but 100% retrace from the $3300 opening low to $3375, then back down to $3328...   Hope someone saw that and traded it...

Thanks Matt, but dammmn, could have used that yesterday!

Looking at those charts Matt it looks like there was a cover signal on all 120, 60, and 30 min charts at around $263.99 and $267.28.   Since we have continued down from there does the system have to do a reset or ?   Just wondering why it got out there and why it did not go back short.   Or is that just a limitation of this particular indicator?

Damn, so much to watch!!!

SMH semis

Posted by hoek2 on 4th of Sep 2020 at 03:32 pm

Damn, so much to watch!!!   someone shout those things out LOL!.  Sorry I did not see it..

ya, those $4 puts still traded over $10 today.  Not everyone can make a mistake that doubles your money.  Wish I could make that mistake several times a day LOL

TLT - can you do

Posted by hoek2 on 1st of Sep 2020 at 10:34 am

TLT - can you do a KISS on that one please Matt

I missed it darn, did

MSFT - just went bonkers...

Posted by hoek2 on 27th of Aug 2020 at 10:42 am

I missed it darn, did you get any calls?

Great advice Matt!!!

Don't get lazy with checking earnings!

Posted by hoek2 on 27th of Aug 2020 at 10:39 am

Great advice Matt!!!

good call here arun!

That’s true.   They will keep splitting the stock.   In a couple years it will split 10 to 1 and likely trade in the low 100s.    Good call fibbtrader...

MAs are very tight...

GDX 60 Updated View

Posted by hoek2 on 20th of Aug 2020 at 11:59 am

MAs are very tight...

Thanks goldnice.   When did you enter and a what price if you don't mind me asking?   Trying to work on my stop limits.


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