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Good info.  Thanks Matt.  I

KISS Trend systems intra day

Posted by goap1207 on 23rd of Jun 2022 at 04:24 pm

Good info.  Thanks Matt.  I will be looking to the KISS Systems to go back long.  Again I don't trade much so the KISS Systems are key for me so that I am on the right side of the trend.  

Over the years I’ve been a member you have had the best systems that you have tested. Please make the ES system an official system. We can use MES to manage drawdowns.   These would be perfect for me and my clients that I manage money for. Thanks 

I agree with eagleowl.  Please please incorporate the KISS system.  Thanks

Makes sense.  Thanks Matt!  

Hi Matt,  When do you anticipate rolling this out?  This would be great for me to trade $100k.  Sooner than later would be awesome! :)

Awesome Matt.  This would be

ETF basket with RSI 2

Posted by goap1207 on 9th of Oct 2021 at 12:18 pm

Awesome Matt.  This would be very helpful.  Please roll it out!!!  Thanks

Super impressive on the systems!  Thanks for all the hard work Matt and Steve.  Can't find what you all provide anywhere else!!!

This explanation helps Matt.  I am in the money management business with over $1 billion under management and the daily and weekly DVT's are very helpful.  Most if not all of my clients are long term, but I use a separate smaller account with let's say $100k to $250k and I will trade that account a bit more using the DVT's on shorter time frame.    Again, very helpful and I think the table is awesome!!

These McClellan systems are awesome.

McClellan Systems

Posted by goap1207 on 19th of Jul 2021 at 11:10 pm

These McClellan systems are awesome. Thanks for providing them. I got these from you years ago. I combine these with price close below lower BB for a great trade. Also RSI 5 and 14 and WM 14 and 35, CCI 14 and  20, MACD,  etc.   Also CPC close outside upper BB. All of these taken together or in pieces combined increases trade success I would guess. Thanks. 

Good stuff Matt.  You turned me onto $NAMO and $NYMO years ago.  These are a couple of my go to charts thanks to you.  Can you post chart links to Stockcharts on DJIA, Midcaps, etc that we should look at also look at.  I'd like to save these as well.  Thanks

You introduced these to me

McClellan Oscilators played out

Posted by goap1207 on 22nd of Jun 2021 at 12:32 am

You introduced these to me years ago and these Osc are no fail when they get this low!!!   Every time they are outside the lower BB, its always been a massive bounce within a day or so.  Only time they fail is if we have a Covid like event when the market is in a free fall.  These are part of my no fail charts as I like to call them.  Consider also that the  Dow and SPX both closed below their respective lower BB; 5 RSI oversold especially on the DOW; the 14 RSI on DOW most oversold since Covid, and the subsystems went long!!!  OMG perfect recipe for a massive bounce.  Thanks to you and your chart examples, I am pretty much 90% plus on these type of bounces.  

How is it possible that

Posted by goap1207 on 27th of Jan 2021 at 07:48 pm

How is it possible that the SKEW dropped from 145 range to 79?  Any explanations are appreciated.  Thanks

Nice Matt--waaaaaaay cool!!!!  This is

SPX 401K Stats

Posted by goap1207 on 9th of Oct 2020 at 06:28 pm

Nice Matt--waaaaaaay cool!!!!  This is pretty awesome.  Again this is what I follow along with the ES and SPY systems; I don't do day to day trades.  Keep up the good work.  

Wow...that is pretty cool.  I

KISS Charts

Posted by goap1207 on 22nd of Sep 2020 at 05:29 pm

Wow...that is pretty cool.  I could get behind the 18 or 21.  Let's see what you thoughts are later.  Seems QQQ went long and has a DVT at $260?  Is that right?  Am I looking at it correctly if we wanted to take a long?  Thanks

Thanks Matt.  This is very helpful on what to look for.  This is awesome visual!!!


Love it!!!  I make waaaaaaay more money in a system like this then trading as I just don't have the time.  Please make this a big part of BPT.  Real value service!!!  Thanks Matt.

Agreed with Cozz. I’m busy

Webinar Video

Posted by goap1207 on 24th of Jul 2020 at 09:30 am

Agreed with Cozz. I’m busy with work and kids at home. Lol. A clean system like the 401k with alerts would be great!!!  The system and results beat most everything else!!!

Thanks Matt!!!  Love this system

DVT 401K section etc

Posted by goap1207 on 21st of Jul 2020 at 10:38 am

Thanks Matt!!!  Love this system and please continue to educate and update as this is way more valuable for me than trading as I am busy with work.  I follow the signals and let it ride until the stop is triggered!!  Nothing has made me more money than this.  Thanks

Matt....Thanks for sharing the 120 min system.  I also love this system and will trade it.  Please keep the signals coming!!!  Thanks for all the great and hard work!  


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