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Matt, who do you follow

Gold down 79.00

Posted by disciple33 on 9th of Nov 2020 at 09:56 am

Matt, who do you follow on gold, please?

Brave, given this manic market.

SPX quick comments

Posted by disciple33 on 12th of Oct 2020 at 03:36 pm

Brave, given this manic market.

VIX  dropping with the market

Posted by disciple33 on 8th of Oct 2020 at 02:01 pm

VIX  dropping with the market at times today. Does that portend a rally?

Matt, are you willing  to share that tick extreme workspace?

Kindof a Cha-Got-Cha...

TSLA bears got another electric

Posted by disciple33 on 14th of Sep 2020 at 03:38 pm

TSLA bears got another electric shock today. Who would have thunk?

Be careful, TSLA Bears have been "right" scores of time before.

I'm surprised, since the market is such a good proxy for a casino lately; I would think that  the competition would be hurting them.

Matt, see my note to Steve below. I've used the call-back feature a  couple of times and it works well. The downside is that you sometimes have to wait an hour for your scheduled call back time, depending on how busy they are.

Steve, you can request a tech callback.  Click on the Call me button on top of this page, then choose Technical questions: questions. TS Call Me

I 2nd that, Goldnice, you've had a lot of NiceGold charts (and silver). Thank you for sharing.

I'm with you on this one, Arun. Tesla has been steps ahead of the competition (and the naysayers) for years. As long as Elon is still in the picture, I expect more of the same. Sortof like Apple and Steve Jobs, although Apple has continued to do well even without Jobs.

I got so used to goldbugs expecting moonshots that never materialized that I started ignoring the calls.  Now up up up, with almost no pullback. I should let you know if I buy back in, so you'll know when to close out, lol.

How much does it cost

ROKU follow up

Posted by disciple33 on 3rd of Aug 2020 at 03:03 pm

How much does it cost to use the TS platform if you don't have an account? 

Lots of good trader wisdom

AMD nice breakout

Posted by disciple33 on 22nd of Jul 2020 at 03:46 pm

Lots of good trader wisdom here, Matt.

Yes, one of the old dimes, that had silver in it...

Could go on a run, arun? Sorry, couldn't resist.  (Doesn't work so well when arun is pronounced properly, but works on paper).

Are you saying it will sink to the bottom and disappear? ;)

I thought Matt was more of a "Sell in May and go away" kind of guy. It has been "Sell in May and rue the day" for many stocks this year.


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