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I need a Trade Tweet

Posted by deep on 5th of Dec 2019 at 10:47 am

I need a Trade Tweet to push the SnP down to 3090 and Gold up to 1500.. just enuff that Gold doesnt break upside symmetry.. wishful thinking.  Started small position in Funko.

TLT and HYG got the

Posted by deep on 22nd of Nov 2019 at 12:25 am

TLT and HYG got the same kinda  thing going on...  Everyone sees the charts but always great to see what's on CNBFraud  I haven't seen Cramer put any warning charts out.  Remember the last time I this pointed out when everyone on TV was a bear we ended up  with a 3 month rally.  So far a very bullish feel on the Tele ... just need them to push it over the edge next week in celebration of new Apple highs tomorrow and n it's 9th and final week. I'm staying short GLD through next week then plan to flip the script... might be early as usual but it's time.

Good newsletter Steve!  Can't help

Posted by deep on 22nd of Nov 2019 at 12:11 am

Good newsletter Steve!  Can't help but notice the pattern on the VIX.  May - Aug looks exactly like Aug - Nov but with bigger magnitude other than the close below bollinger business.  I think if we establish the close below business in the next week or two while metals make their final low and everyone has finished giving thanks, we're possibly in for a heck of a long on the VIX and the December to remember event again (but this time based on historical Quarterly results Matt showed earlier this year may be worth another look ? - as I recall when we have 3Qs's most often a big Q4 down) and the table has been set.  Safer trade certainly looks like going long energy, staples and oils in the short term but I need a home run.

Just dipped below . Finally!

ES 50% Fib retrace at 3118.50

Posted by deep on 20th of Nov 2019 at 01:07 pm

Just dipped below

. Finally!

Where is the 9 day

ES 50% Fib retrace at 3118.50

Posted by deep on 20th of Nov 2019 at 01:03 pm

Where is the 9 day SMA on the SnP ?

Thanks Matt.  I think when

Here's Monday's Newsletter

Posted by deep on 19th of Nov 2019 at 12:37 am

Thanks Matt.  I think when that 2hr ATR breaks 3100 (right now) and perhaps we get one more higher low (the 9th one) that'll be the break point and I'm hoping gold will be around 1440 to coincide.  Let's C.  

Just that the weekly call option on AAPL has been a winner on it every week like clockwork.  Buy it Friday am and sell it a few mins before close.  Haven't seen that in a single stock that consistently but you are right, could have bought any of those a couple months ago and done great.

Simple case in point - AAPL every week or every Friday (take your pick) for the past 7 weeks you could have bought calls and made easy coin.  I have a funny feeling this could happen 2 more times and would be confirmed by a proper tank in metals over the next 2 weeks till Thanksgiving ; BA and MSFT are likely candidates too.  Then once everyone has given Thanks - boom 1st wk of Dec we get to that 8 day sma.  The other possible scenario, especially with the HK tension is that we correct right now Monday-Wed... that way we'll have time to get giddy again headed into Turkey day.  The final scenario is that this BS rally continues and there is a 3rd entry on the exhaustion.  Trump won't let the markets go down before election, as I've stated before, but no way it can continue at this pace right ?  Like for the 1st time in history ? Naaaa ... people will die in HK, China will be screwed, markets will correct but then we'll rally into election.  Let's C.

Me and my -$30k in Jan puts (read dumb ass Deep) hopes this happens soon.  @EdZ "long, arduous, or tedious" pain trade blues.

Assuming it plays out, I'd be taking profits at 1440. JS it's the safe play.

We need to remain cautious ... the charts that Matt showed earlier this year with Q1, Q2, Q3 gains then monster pain in Q4 I remember ... I was looking for it in Q3...didn't happen ... for example what if the following happens : 1) Trump tells China to take a hike (I really think this is going to happen again - see ssffer's pump n dump) 2) Impeachment (which has no meritt) gets some legs and it looks like the end for Trump (nonsense) 3) FAA tells Boeing to go fly a kite instead of a plane.  Those 3 could seriously rock Q4 so while 1400 looks juicy on GLD stay ahead of the game.  The problem is that very little other than core trend uptrend is following the script... it's so easy to see both sides.  Better to be on one side with a tight stop. Thanks for sharing mundy and thanks to BPT for having the best trading community.

I like the push higher

Posted by deep on 14th of Nov 2019 at 08:47 pm

I like the push higher scenario to get Gold down under 1450 ... after that a nice 4-7 percent correction is beyond called for but right before Thanksgiving ?  I'm not sure Trumps gonna support that.  Looks more like we just keeping going higher and higher while all the technicals go out the window at least till Thanksgiving.    Gold is my guide - when it drops below 1450 I'll take notice, when it drops below 1440 I'll buy it and keep buying it all the way to 1390.  In order for that to happen this bull charge just continues for 3 more months - That's a LOT OF PAIN trade.  I hope I'm wrong.    The other thing which is a done deal is Trump will win...we all know he has a gazillion Trump cards up his sleeve to ensure the stock market stays up through the election  (happy to enumerate if you don't know) and if the market stays up that basically guarantees his win.   So while the metals swing up for safety so will the market and it won't matter which one we're in.

one could say the same

How low can CHK go? (no position)

Posted by deep on 12th of Nov 2019 at 09:55 am

one could say the same about OSTK...

That's what i was thinking but pretty much as soon as I posted everything started going the other way (intra day any way)... looks like we'll have to wait it out until the Greed index gets into nose bleed territory before the metals reverse.

Full moon Gold looks to

Posted by deep on 8th of Nov 2019 at 11:35 am

Full moon Gold looks to be playing out so far.  We'd need to see continued weakness on the indices throughout the day keeping GLD afloat and maybe even green for the day.  This would be followed by new market highs on Monday and metals to take a big third leg lower.  Then full moon turn around Tuesday and you can figure out the rest.  If metals hold up today I'm planning on taking SLV and GLD short positions for Monday.

So how low do you

market comments

Posted by deep on 7th of Nov 2019 at 01:17 pm

So how low do you expect Gold to go ?  I've seen some all the way down to 1390 area but i'm thinkin more like 1435ish.  I've been thinking it for a while but now it seems clearer that at least a short term market top could align nicely with a longer term low for Gold.  Also Tuesday is a Full Moon... JS

what is hod ?

Posted by deep on 6th of Nov 2019 at 11:20 am

what is hod ?

TOO RIGHT !  I hope the futures can hold up so I can exit longs in the am and double down on shorts at the open but the more than likely scenario is "they' will flip the script around 4am.  Let's C.

Greed is getting up there

Posted by deep on 4th of Nov 2019 at 01:24 pm

Greed is getting up there P/C at .59  - What's the lowest it's been ?  

PAYS reports after close tomorrow.

Posted by deep on 4th of Nov 2019 at 11:43 am

PAYS reports after close tomorrow.


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