That looks a lot more

SPX daily and MA ribbon

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 06:26 pm

That looks a lot more likely ! 

Haha ... looks like target was reached.  I'm looking for another bounce that should take 5-7 trading days to form the 3rd hump on the S&P monthly with a lower high below 2922 ... Maybe Trump confirms more Tax breaks if the Fed doesn't get on board..  Then he increases the Tariffs more or imposes some on Germany. That should ensure going off the cliff in September.  That is my preferred path unless of course we just catapult down on Monday.  Have a great weekend all !

Trump is on a mission to lower rates and will continue leveraging Tarrifs to do so ... so that next year Rallys and he gets re-elected ... also it's fall and plenty of stocks need to come back to earth.

Gold is the canary... looks

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 02:33 pm

Gold is the canary... looks like it will curl up eod means we go down...watching closely.

Thanks... will be interesting to

SPX 5 min

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 01:44 pm

Thanks... will be interesting to see if it can break out up... bought some BA 360 calls with today's expiration in case of last 30 min rally.

Yield curve inverts !  C'mon

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 01:24 pm

Yield curve inverts !  C'mon 2840 .. giddyaup!

Put call at 1.16 ..has

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 01:04 pm

Put call at 1.16 ..has room to run but is slowed over past hour at the 61.8.

Inflection point eh Steve ?

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 01:03 pm

Inflection point eh Steve ? :)  New target 2840 then final bounce attempt before reality check.

GLD was certainly the Canary...

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 11:52 am

GLD was certainly the Canary... i loaded up on SPXU on the GLD spike.  Question now is will this be a trend and see another 800 pt drop ?  Matt/Steve - Down side target ?

Is SPXU a 1x or

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 11:50 am

Is SPXU a 1x or 3x ?

Thanks Matt.

XNET follow up

Posted by deep on 23rd of Aug 2019 at 12:01 am

Thanks Matt.

Picked up some on your

XNET follow up

Posted by deep on 22nd of Aug 2019 at 04:24 pm

Picked up some on your earlier post.  Stop at 2.65 ?

Taking 1st BA short position

Posted by deep on 21st of Aug 2019 at 12:03 pm

Taking 1st BA short position now.

Put/Call ratio has been steadily

Posted by deep on 21st of Aug 2019 at 04:13 am

Put/Call ratio has been steadily declining since last week's sell off meaning sentiment continues to grow positive.  Getting a chart of the ratio vs. market moves over time would be interesting.  Love this page-> see which way the wind is blowing.  More important however (since winds can change fast) is when the readings go too far in either direction as BPT has taught me.  That is really the name of the game where your risk/reward ratio is 20/80 and you go balls out.  This requires patience vs. taking every dam thing that looks juicy.  BtW I think BYND looks prime for a HUGE correction on a 1 yr time frame.  So much competition brewing that the valuation is absurd.  I'm thinking 100 easy peasy.  Waiting for it to get back to 180 (if it get's there soon) and then gonna short it on a leap.

As I watch the futures

Posted by deep on 21st of Aug 2019 at 03:07 am

As I watch the futures move up .. this buyback window is interesting.  I'm thinking most companies will not wait to buy back and will buy on any weakness which supports the bounce theory to get up to my 2970 target.  My Target for this week is 2945 to keep everyone guessing .  'THEY' have to get sentiment positive so GLD can correct.  I'm starting to 2nd guess my timing in that we'll get to 2970 in 7 more trading days although it's possible.   I'm long 8/30 on SPY & QQQs and more short 9/13 on same so if we roll over and tank this week i'm not worried.  Opposite on GLD.  It may take longer than the 2 mtgs this week  to power the bulls (doubt it but has me on edge as news everywhere is counting their chickens today i.e. Powell WILL be a super Dove). Once in a while the news is actually correct (it's the double head fake contrarian view).  Got into DBA today and plan to get into more with the tight stop tomorrow... this is going to trigger.   THEY always want to keep you guessing so there is no easy money...need to stick to your guns(stops).  If somehow, someway I'm completely wrong and  we don't get a Q3 correction I will bet big on a Q4 correction... I really don't think it's going that far but may need to extend my trade out another 4 weeks.  It's so hard calling tops and bottoms.  Market rally and Gold tank remain my most likely view in next 30-60 days, if target is hit, flip the script.  Matt and Steve - you guys rock !  Hope restoration is progressing well Matt and Steve is enjoying the best part of life (family)  Cheers !

Thanks Matt - DBA looks

Posted by deep on 20th of Aug 2019 at 01:49 am

Thanks Matt - DBA looks juicy, hoping to hop on tomorrow !  Exited my GDXJ puts today but I'm with ya, let's get to that higher low while market rallys and GLD tanks.  Picked up some DCIX to hold on to.  Turn around Tuesday should provide good short term long ops into BS mtgs later this week.  My long target remains 2970 on the S&P and once (and if) we clear resistance on Wednesday  prolly.  If we do I'd like to see how's Steve's bear wedge looks.  The W on the indexes is a perfect trap to make us think we're gonna go to new market highs in short order - gonna take it one day at a time Steve and see if we can clear 2970 with momentum - don't see it happening but let's c.

As I watch the futures move up  I can't help ... Matt/Steve - DO NOT READ THIS POST.  haha-really don't read past next sentence.  Point is I'd love for you to keep doing what you do ( best technical analysis on the planet) without being effected in any way  by my post.  My analysis is deep and logical (See Original Post) .   All logical signals say we should go higher and let metals sink (but not DBA ??).  I'm curious to know if anyone thinks DBA/Ags can rally here  (2 week time frame) ?  Market has us at the zero line technical analysis wise but also has us on our toes from a bad news position...  Contrarian view is the market must rally(Let's get the SPY system closed).  Let's get back to 2970.  Turn around Tuesday makes perfect sense especially with a push higher Monday followed by fear of what will they say Wednesday (continued elevated VIX and GLD).  What do u think Powell will say ?  He will signal I'll bend over backwards and do what is necessary (= Rally On)... Then maybe we'll cool down (I'm always ahead of the program it seems).   Then and if we rally .. along comes the 9/1 Tariff and Trump says 25 vs 10% - what happens (see Steve's Trump Signals cycle chart) -er we tank?  Then we close out perhaps one of the worst Septembers ever (Where are my emojis !)  .  . Followed by rate cut crack when Fed is forced to cut big (or some new rules that'll never happen in time) ... leads to a big year end and longer rally which Trump Dog needs to be re-elected.  Once he's elected many may think he's trying to leave a legacy for his kids to come into power but I think irrespective we ARE headed into  a recession and i'm looking forward to Trump's explanation for how this is not a recession.  Also easy to manipulate (another tax cut too?) rally irrespective of Fed.  I treasure the boys, this site, and would love to hear BPT community feedback (including 'this is a techanical analysis site so STFU with your Deep logic!').   Let's unite on rally to 2970 and all make a shit pile of money!  or we could just drop through the floor in the morning... but that's a whole another post (not).  - Deep

The fix is in.  Hopefully

Posted by deep on 16th of Aug 2019 at 04:33 pm

The fix is in.  Hopefully no bad news on Sunday and this BS rally continues next week and with any luck GLD and SLV  tank so we can buy some.  

mmmm hmmm ... 

As i watch the futures

Posted by deep on 15th of Aug 2019 at 03:10 am

As i watch the futures move up I can't help but connect the dots.  Steve's big wedge looks like the plan.  Market could continue a jittery bounce here all the way up to the top of the wedge's trendline which almost coincides with a triple top and might take a week or two to play out and would likely flip some indicators.  Meanwhile precious metals would sink (cycle on longer terms).  Then we tank through the floor HARD with some Tarrif news (like 25% instead of 10%...that should be enough) and metals get back into business making new highs.   If this plays out, Christmas will be coming early !  Wishful thinking, let's C.


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