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Amazing Matt!  This would be fantastic.   Thanks so much.  

CNN Fear Greed index at 74 which is 1 point away from Extreme Greed.   Due for a pullback.  Perhaps aligns with data as to weaker periods in June upcoming.  

Thank you.  Any targets you guys are seeing on the upside?

Good luck.   ES system had a record year last year.  This year I believe breakeven.  Just a function of the market.   But for index traders it has been tough.   

Matt, you guys do a great job.  From the comments and posts I see now and then, some new and existing subscribers wait for the SPY/ES trades.   Clearly there have been fewer given the trending market.  The trade lists and posts are good but require chatting etc per your recommendations.  So for non chartists those are a no go.  So for the member looking for SPY and not into charts, would you recommend we shift to STS systems.   That’s a change for some of us.  If so, is it best to just jump right in or should we wait for a trigger?  I feel like I am still old school waiting solely for SPY trades.  Thank you.  

Add me to the Bozo list 

Just a suggestion for Matt and Steve and others that post.  Maybe  add the high level conclusion to a chart.  For example, with this post, is that normally bullish or bearish?  There are new users and part time users who don’t recall or know what a post like that implies.  Again just a thought   

I think I will do the same.   Are any systems close to triggering a short?  

Would you mind sending an updated pic of that head and shoulders forming?  Thank you 

Interesting    I traded your system and sold put spreads around Spx 4065   So far so good   

Love the idea.   I’ve been interested in this topic when it was discussed in newsletters etc but never quite knew how to trade it  

Just an update   I sold 35 call spreads as part of this strategy   Nice 48% return in a few days.  Thanks for the idea!  

Agree   Same pattern everyday   Not sure why  

Thank you. 

I entered this position today and have some profits already.  Selling call spreads when overbought.  I like the idea.  Do you typically hold until expiration or liquidate along the way? 

Thank you. 

Is there a link to

Posted by bpozdoll1717 on 10th of Apr 2023 at 08:02 pm

Is there a link to the updated spy trade table?  I see the ES table and I see the text as to open spy trades but can’t find the table with entry dates and prices. Thank you.  

Thanks for all responses!  

Do you trade for a living?  I wonder how many people on this site do. 

First rule of bear market: protect capital.  That is a win in itself.  Then second:  go for a bunch of singles and not home runs.  Trying to “mint” seems risky and unwise unless your timing is impeccable. 


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