Agree that for those of us that can't be day trading and watching things all the time due to regular jobs / other commitments, as simple as possible having just one system that is either in or out is preferable to me and negates confusion.


GNAL news today of David

Posted by blayden on 11th of Feb 2019 at 08:12 pm

GNAL news today of David Lenigas joining board, hopefully this adds some more upside momentum.

Steve Reply: What really matters is how he impacts the company over time.   Speculative play and prefer to see progress prior to playing again.  Only a small spec for me currently. 

GNAL acting very strange the

Posted by blayden on 5th of Feb 2019 at 03:20 pm

GNAL acting very strange the last couple days. Jumping between 0.49 and 0.59, and right now its at 0.53 with a bid of 0.59 and ask of 0.63!  Anyone have any insight or explanation?

With the S&P dropping back

Posted by blayden on 18th of Dec 2018 at 02:51 pm

With the S&P dropping back to opening levels, does it present a decent opportunity to get in on the 1/2 SPY trade, or has that ship sailed already?

Down in the 5-7% range

Posted by blayden on 23rd of Mar 2018 at 12:59 pm

Down in the 5-7% range on SPY/SSO trades so far, would it be prudent to buy something on opposite side of play for some insurance if it looks probable the market could collapse further, or are we still looking for 3rd entry still on the long side?   Or maybe just jetison at this point? Thanks for any advice or thought on best way to go from here.

No mention of the current

Posted by blayden on 22nd of Mar 2018 at 08:17 pm

No mention of the current SPY trade in the newsletter tonight.  Since it took a long trade a couple days at this inflection point it would be good to know what your thought is, and if we will be looking at a 3rd entry possibly, etc.   Appreciate all your work on this stuff, I enjoy the newsletters, trade ideas, etc.  Thanks!

So if we got slaughtered on this trade is it better to sell them now or hold them right through?

I am sure tempted to buy more XIV at this level but probably shouldn't since I am trying to stay disciplined with the system and instead purchased 10% UPRO....  Wild market for sure!   You don't lose money until you sell, so hopefully the SPY system trade will rebound and come out good at some point!  Good luck to everyone!

I'm definitely far from an expert on all the systems but I think it is very, very simple if you want to keep it that way (which I do).  Just follow their main recommendations on the SPY system.  They tell you exactly when to get in (and 2nd entry if applicable), and when to get out.  That's it.  If you wantto get complicated and try doing trades on multiple systems then that requires more attention and due diligence, but no reason to complicate it unless you really want.

Any advice on proper HYG short trigger

Posted by blayden on 15th of Jun 2017 at 11:46 am

Any advice on the proper trigger price to short HYG in this wedge?  I shorted a little a couple days ago but want to add to it at the right spot.  Any advice is appreciated!


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