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Steve if you or the membership needs more info, here is a web site  this has a direct link to me and I can personally walk them thru the process.

Steve, please consider this, the company I represent is the marketing arm of a large CPA firm located in NY. their only function is the ERC credits( employee retention credits) that was approved under the Cares Act. the fund has approximately a Trillion dollars that will be distributed  to small business thru April 2025. Our average amended 941x return to a company with 27 employees is over $500,000. My main point is this will be a big factor in supporting the over all markets and the economy in general. My personal feeling is all the spending by the Fed's will only speed the financial collapse of the country but I have little control of the entire process.   

My TLT trade  plan, waiting

Posted by amcap on 21st of Jan 2023 at 08:19 pm

Retirefire I don't like to short a bullish trend, I would rather wait for wave 2 to settle and go long for wave 3 that projects to 45.60.

Rodger great chart1

GDX monthly

Posted by amcap on 15th of Jan 2023 at 11:22 am

Rodger great chart1

My measured target for the a (c) wave is 120.66


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