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Appreciate this basic review of lessons you've repeatedly stated over the years.  Easy to follow examples.

Thank you Matt or Steve

Posted by RichieD on 9th of Jun 2020 at 10:17 am

Thank you Matt or Steve for mentioning NAKD a few weeks ago.  Took a flyer at $0.64 back then.  Waited patiently.  Today it exploded higher.  Watched on a 5 minute chart as it continued to rise and rise and rise.   Once it hit $1.17  I put in a stop at $1.11.  Taken out on 1st big red candle.  Great score; perfectly content not selling at the very top; who can?   Thank you.

Honest question: Is every "V" shaped pattern (following an earlier runnup) the "cup" of a potential cup & handle?  If not, what distinguishes one "V" shaped rally (that is a cup)  from another that isn't a cup?

Perhaps the "vaccine" news was more hype than real progress??   The timing of that announcement certainly seems suspicious (just over an hour before the opening bell on a Monday).

Bought yesterday at $2.25, out

NURO Updated View

Posted by RichieD on 13th of May 2020 at 10:56 am

Bought yesterday at $2.25, out today at $2.55.  Thank you Steve and Matt for the idea.  

That said, I monitored today's parabolic upside move on a 5 minute candlestick chart, looking for a reversal candle/sell signal.  Stock quickly crossed $2.65 then a big red candle with a wick at top.  Wanted to give it room in case it pushed higher again.  Set stop at $2.55.  Another red candle hit $2.55 and I was out.  Could I have done better or is that just greed?  The topping candlestick appeared quickly though it was obvious the move could not be sustained.  

So much for a free

Posted by RichieD on 12th of May 2020 at 11:28 am

So much for a free market and taking risks.  Other than bailing out someone or some group of people, what is the purpose of buying this crap with our tax dollars?  

Unemployment # is much higher than that.  People are unable to file.  I know several individuals who have yet to complete the process.  Online enrollment has problems, people cannot complete the application and are required to volume is overwhelming the system...people can't get through.  I know someone who has tried for hours each day throughout April. eventually gets through only to receive a message that the unemployment office has reached it call limit for the day.

Unfortunately, the numbers are going higher before new claims slow down.

I agree with your sentiment, but the woman in line before you isn't the real problem.  Let's first address the biggest outrages in front of us: corporations and banks being bailed out.  Back in 2008 when Goldman Sachs was on the ropes, the federal government stepped in with $10 billion  and bailed them out.   Feds didn't even insist on a % interest in future profits in exchange for the risk they were taking on.  All downside risk without any upside other than the possibility the funds would be paid back.  Goldman were not the only ones, and I suspect much the same is happening once again.  With that backdrop, it's hard to get worked up about people taking advantage of the $600 subsidy.

Sorry for your sad news,

Administrative Note:

Posted by RichieD on 30th of Mar 2020 at 12:56 pm

Sorry for your sad news, Steve.  May she rest in peace.

Bold call.  Not seeing it or feeling it at the moment.

Separate note.  Not buying the concept being tossed around Twitter that miners are selling off because of margin calls on those who were highly leveraged in S&P and FANG stocks. That seems preposterous.   Perhaps the first day or two of the waterfall decline, but now?   Don't believe there are that many traders with  leveraged positions who also held large positions in gold/silver miners that still have much to liquidate.  Anyone have other thoughts as to why this sector sold off when always thought of as a safe haven? 

In your opinion, where's first major support: at 21.7K?   Or somewhere higher?  More curious than interested in jumping in.

Wouldn't the story be the same for nearly all industries in the US (aerospace, automobile, chemical, consumer electronics, non-durable and durable manufacturing, computers, housing construction, pharmaceuticals, etc.)??  Apple and Coca Cola have already put forth that message.  Only service related businesses and software would escape.  No?

Given the current world/market environment, would you say it's more prudent to wait for a break above the pattern (giving up 4% or so), or better to take trade here with a stop just below Friday's low?

Important reminder.  Thank you.

Question is: Who do they sell it to when they eventually own all of it?  

Appreciate you explaining that distinction.

Anecdotally, it seems to me that every time there’s a one or two day pullback in the market of any significance, one of the SPY subsystems immediately takes an entry.  Is this the nature of the beast in uptrends, or is it something else?  Whatever happened to multi-day corrections?  Perhaps you could touch upon that when you next record a video that touches upon these systems.  Thanks.

Guess we'll know the answer next week.   

Matt, Appreciate the effort you

Posted by RichieD on 17th of Dec 2019 at 07:08 am

Matt, Appreciate the effort you and Steve put forth day in/day out, always start my day with the newsletter.  

Question: How can sentiment be described right now as "too bearish"?  Honestly.  Majority of traders and investors have a quiet smirk on their face and are counting their profits, the market continues to move higher nearly every day, I can't find anyone who is selling...and then comments like this start appearing: "maybe the market will never go down".   If anything, sentiment seems euphoric to me.  Could you please explain what I'm missing?

Can someone explain to me why the "Commercials" are always viewed by the market as being correct, and the "Speculators" not?  Should this really be the holy grail 100% of the time?  Honest question to better understand this report.  Looking for something deeper than that's how the "market" perceives it.


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