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We're pushing an update to SMS here in a few days and that should be addressed. 

STS Charts Feature Update

Posted by James_Roe on 13th of Dec 2022 at 07:19 pm

We've added the 4x MA ribbon with the BPT MA Deluxe as well as the MACD to the charts for the KISS System, you can see here using autozone, AZO, that you got a confirmation pinch as well as an expansion of the MACD at the same time the system entered.

This was a pretty monster trade, entering at 2,150.94 and exiting at 2402 if you used the STS or 2393.46 if you waited for the close. Almost 12% since September 29th, and a great example of how to use the additional indicators to look for confirmation on entry.

The STS Tables have been

Posted by James_Roe on 8th of Dec 2022 at 05:25 pm

The STS Tables have been updated.

The STS section has been

Posted by James_Roe on 7th of Dec 2022 at 05:20 pm

The STS section has been updated to reflect the close.

KOLD has had a huge rally over the last week and the STS on the newly formed Long was 27% away, as an inverse ETF it was reacting to decreasing sales to Europe which has not had a very cold winter.

This morning the US announced an LNG partnership with the UK though that has boosted the NatGas sector. You should be looking at the distance between the close and the STS and consider if that's within your acceptable drawdown risk, and maybe consider skipping trades that are heavily extended over the 9 EMA like KOLD was yesterday.

We have been avoiding referring to the STS levels as a system because they're more of a useful set of criteria for considering potential trades, one that was that extended was a riskier bet than most.

We're also having a discussion of pulling triple ETF's out of the ETF list which is currently decided based only on the top 100 ETF's by volume. We have repeatedly said that it's a beta product, but I'll slap a big disclaimer at the top.

STS Update

Posted by James_Roe on 6th of Dec 2022 at 09:38 pm

The STS has been updated for a few hours now, but I wanted to share a new feature with you guys, if you go to any of the baskets it now tells you what changed for the day, lots of stuff got stoped out or started a new stop level so you should check it out, but here's the ETF Basket as an example.

While there were 3 new longs they were all Short or Ultrashort ETF's. KOLD is natural gas while PSQ and QID are both QQQ.

It's going to be a feature moving forward.

I'm actually mostly done automating  already,  just working on styling, and setting up some email hooks.

7 instruments had STS updates today, none went flat, and none started a new trend, I've linked the charts for the ones that updated below.


STS tables have been updated

Posted by James_Roe on 5th of Dec 2022 at 04:42 pm

STS tables have been updated for the day.

For instance on the last two SPY trades you'd have been better off waiting for the reversion back to below the 9.

Matt and I were talking the other day about the first entries and they're often because of a big spike up above the 9 day EMA, I haven't quantified what percent of them are like that, but just from looking at the charts it often seems like you can get slightly better pricing by watching for a reversion back to or under the 9.

I have seen some though where you miss out on a big move at the beginning of a breakout, so as in most things there's no perfect strategy. 

Would you be able to schedule a time for me to pop on your machine to look at the issue you're having tomorrow, there's potentially some issue there that needs to be addressed, GILD works fine for me.

Thanks for the kind words, we still have some stuff to add, and I know Matt is planning on doing a video on the charting later, but I'm glad people are finding it useful, I personally think it's a very cool product, and that it can probably be a valuable addition as a stock screener at EOD for new setups, and for protecting your existing trending or swing trades.

Nah, just a condensed view of the market broadly covering most sectors.

It's also the one that's going to remain free after we add this as a new product.

All the data is now loaded, and it's been added to the systems tab at the top of the website as well.

Here's a link to the NASDAQ 100, I am in the middle of importing data for it, and the other stock groups, so it will be an hour or two until they're repopulated, but the links to all the groups are here and later tonight it will be up to date relative to Friday.

I've had to rewrite some

New KISS tables - amazing work

Posted by James_Roe on 1st of Dec 2022 at 02:17 am

I've had to rewrite some of the backend for managing data, it's something like 2.6 million records for 800 stocks including historical pricing, we'll update them tomorrow and put out an update when they're done, and starting next week it should move to updating at the EOD, and then a few days after that sometime in the middle of the day.

Hoping to have this out sometime tomorrow

Posted by James_Roe on 30th of Nov 2022 at 10:51 pm

It's been a couple of days since I've given you guys an STS update, but that's because I've been working on charting, still some bells and whistles that it needs but it's been coming along nicely, here's a sneak peak with XLE.

It's already on there, look at the far right column # of STS in Trend.:


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