The community is delayed by three days for non registered users.

This issue has now been resolved, you no longer need to refresh to see updates to your favorites list.

Yeah that favorites refresh issue is on my todo.

You just have to click favorites, it doesn't show up unless you're on the favorites tab.

Yeah, it's just on for admin users because I'm still styling it.

Matt jumped the gun. Will be up in about an hour probably.

We are making a few

Posted by James_Roe on 6th of Jul 2023 at 06:48 pm

We are making a few changes to how we import data to the STS table to support future features, and as a result updates will be later today than normal, probably another hour and a half or so.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Give it a shot now,

STS tables - TSLA hit its STS

Posted by James_Roe on 26th of Jun 2023 at 06:56 pm

Give it a shot now, should be working, I broke something when I added the popular tab over the weekend, apologies. 

We only check prices every 5 - 10 minutes intraday and it was only above the trigger point for a few minutes. Maybe it would be better to use high prices rather than current prices on the checks, but it's not an issue that happens very often so we haven't looked at it before.

This gets suggested periodically, but the reason we haven't done it is that currenfly our trading community is indexed by google, and it's part of how we get new users.

Additionally we can control the trading community while we would have no real comtrol over slack, discord or any other service. We've been around since 2003, most of these services aren't even a decade old. They might manage to keep going for another decade or they might not, but ultimately embrasing them doesn't seem to have much upside for us.

We haven't updated the menu yet because there were still some issues with it, I'll update the menu probably sometime this afternoon.

Please try again.

OK, logged in as you and was able to duplicate your problem, found an issue affecting newer user accounts, should be fixed now.

Are you using this URL, or the URL from the nav bar, we haven't updated the menu yet as there are still some kinks.

After addressing a problem I was able to add NVDA to your favorites, please give it another shot.

I had an outstanding issue, you might give it another try now.

Hmm, that's what we're all using for dev / testing.

Any chance I could schedule a time to hop on your machine and look at the issue in real time. If it's happening to you it's probably impacting other people.

If so I can DM you to schedule.

What browser are you using?

Should be working now.

KISS STS tables favorites working

Posted by James_Roe on 21st of Jun 2023 at 02:48 pm

Should be working now.

The favorites section is already

STS tables Beta

Posted by James_Roe on 20th of Jun 2023 at 01:32 pm

The favorites section is already working.


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