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Testimonials page

Posted by James_Roe on 23rd of Sep 2022 at 01:37 pm

I'm just about done with this testimonials section, will have it posted later today and available for submissions.

Looking forward to seeing some of your posts as the systems and market analysis have just been killing it this year.

This is a great idea, I'll probably spend some time on it today in fact. Just curious, after looking at some other examples lots of them feature a headshot, would any of you be willing to do that or should we keep it text only?

The thing you have to understand about these wave systems is that they all do this repainting, Matt and I have looked at a number of them over the years.

They will remove the highs or the lows as more data gets added so they look better historically than they do in real time. They tend to work pretty well in trending markets, and to not work that well in chop. They're a useful trading tool but very hard to use for a programatic system.

The best use case is probably identifying intraday inflection points, but you might not be able to tell that it was a good inflection point until an hour or two later.

As an aside the admins over at use think script felt the need to post a similar warning in the thread brophy linked because they do look so seductive at first glance, as always there's no grail, just things that might help with your trading style and give you a little bit of an edge.

And here's a twitter example:

Here's a youtube embed example featuring Matt's Weekend Newsletter:

There will probably be some issues initially as we're trying to support a ton of different webpages, and we ask for your patience as we address any problems.

But here's an example from Zerohedge:

The main issue with switching to discord from our current setup is that it would take an axe to the free marketing we get from SEO.

So I checked Aweber, and the reason you aren't receiving your newsletter emails is because your email is globally blocked by their service, which means we can't add you to the list ourselves, you will need to contact Aweber to get them to unblock you, and then our script should add you to our list that evening.

You're probably missing email from more than just us because Aweber is the second largest mail service in the world behind mailchimp, so it's probably worth trying to get this resolved.

You can reach them through a variety of methods here: 

You can get header modifier plugins for chrome and Firefox if you let me know which you use I can write you a redirect rule and install instructions.

I was still waiting on the full newsletter to populate, won't be a normal thing, when we first made that view the plan was to make it the default but too many people liked the long format.

Here's tonight's newsletter, Steve had

Posted by James_Roe on 11th of Aug 2022 at 07:22 pm

Here's tonight's newsletter, Steve had an issue with audio on the second chart so I filled in for him on the sectors table.

Apologies for the delay, but it was unfortunately out of our control.

Sometimes TS backdates a price update after the close and the system doesn't get its signal until ES reopens and that's exactly what happened today.

Our tracked exit price is 4,141.75, so this was another quick trade for a little bit of profit. We are still tracking a Long Bear trade from July 13th, and that's our only remaining system position.

We get an email like

Posted by James_Roe on 5th of Aug 2022 at 06:21 pm

We get an email like this every couple of months:

"Since you asked. I am not taking these trades because they are all very confusing with TOO Many systems with all kinds of trades at the same time, up down and all around. lol!"

On some level I understand it, we do communicate a lot about the systems, and at the moment we have a long and a short ES position, but that's the wrong way to think about the systems.

There are 21 different trade types on 2 different instruments, ES and SPY, but it's better to think about each trade as a separate stock. The Hi Mid Low short position we took yesterday is usually a very short trade, it will likely only last a few days, in fact it almost closed today before the EOD rally. While the Long position off our Long Bear trade is now almost a month old.

Ultimately how you trade the systems is up to you, you could take a short signal and use it to lighten up your long position, or you could play both trades with the expectation that the short will close quickly while the bear long could be holding a while, regardless of what you do though the systems have been killing it lately, the last Hi Mid Low short only lasted a day but was almost a 1% return.

If you have questions about position sizing please ask, but hopefully you've been taking these trades.

The Hi Mid Low ES

Spy and ES Systems Update

Posted by James_Roe on 5th of Aug 2022 at 05:02 pm

The Hi Mid Low ES Short ended up holding as a result of the late day rally.

Spoke too soon, with this

Spy and ES Systems Update

Posted by James_Roe on 5th of Aug 2022 at 03:59 pm

Spoke too soon, with this rally we're now tracking a hold, this one may go to the wire when ES closes at 5 pm EST.

We've come up some off the lows but you can see the Long Bear was considering a second entry earlier today, you can see the bar in the indicator histogram in the top left.

The first chart is the systems today, while the second is a previous trending reentry from this system as an example.

Spy and ES Systems Update

Posted by James_Roe on 5th of Aug 2022 at 03:18 pm

As Matt mentioned earlier the ES Hi Mid Low Short is almost certainly going to cover today.

ES doesn't close until 5pm EST, but we've been tracking an exit all day now.

Should be on the full

Thursday Newsletter

Posted by James_Roe on 4th of Aug 2022 at 07:30 pm

Should be on the full newsletter now, Ctrl + F5 or Command + F5 on mac if you're still not getting it.

It's on the new player,

Thursday Newsletter

Posted by James_Roe on 4th of Aug 2022 at 07:22 pm

It's on the new player, I'll repackage the full newsletter though to add it.

ES Breakout System closed EOD at 4151.75

Posted by James_Roe on 4th of Aug 2022 at 05:21 pm

The only remaining long entry is the Long Bear from July 13th, currently up 347 points, and we have one short with an initial entry today on the Hi Mid Low system.


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