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That's our goal, I am putting some finishing touches on the stats page at the moment.

We are done with the technical work for the rollout, and are finalizing changes to the subscription system. That will hopefully be done later today, at which point Matt needs to shoot some educational videos. Ideally it will all be live this week.

After updating SPY data for Monday all of these inconcistencies should be resolved for the moment, I'll put something in place to make sure that it doesn't happen again.

These issues are related, it's kind of a complicated reason, but essentially the SPY data for some reason didn't update yesterday, and that record is used as the master record for the table.

The rest of the queries look at the max date for the SPY symbol, and then selects for all records that are newer or the same age as the SPY record, as a result of the data being missing it's pulling data that is newer or as old as Friday, instead of data that is newer or as old as Monday. That's why you're seeing the data jumping around depending on which record is pulled first. I will update the SPY data which will resolve the current display issue, but we clearly need something else in place beyond just checking that record so that such a thing won't happen again.

I did find a potential issue relating to a MYSQL sort when symbols are in multiple groups, I will investigate further today and provide an update.

Currently no, but that is a feature instagram and twitter have so it's probably a decent idea. We will look at adding it. In the meantime you could simply create a bookmark using your browser.

Should be fixed now, thanks for flagging that for us.

Sorry, you're correct, i'm thinking of the revamped stuff we've been doing for the upcoming STS premium section which uses the stop as a hard stop. 

Currently we're manually updating the STS table using the radar screen feature in tradestation, it's something that impacts Matt's trading, we're looking at getting another account just for data and once we do we'll have more options.

KRE would have stopped out though if the LOD was below the current STS.

huh, well if you see it happening again please let me know and I'll spend some time looking into it.

Showing up as responses to me. Do you have an example post?

It's like it says in the description, silver only allows data sharing for security purposes while platinum allows data sharing for targeted advertisements. Google adsense respects these levels, it also interacts with browsers "do not track" feature if you have that enabled.

People have questions about our

Posted by James_Roe on 2nd of Jan 2024 at 03:32 pm

People have questions about our GDPR popup that started appearing today. Google has changed policies around adsense requiring any website that uses tracking to allow opt out of tracking cookies. As a result we've had to implement a cookie popup, you should only need to interact with this popup once per year as your settings will be saved on each device you access the website from.

Appologies for any confusion but we didn't really have a choice other than to implement this feature.

The initial stop on the

lol ...

Posted by James_Roe on 13th of Dec 2023 at 03:26 pm

The initial stop on the most recent SPY entry was 6.2%, if you invested 10% of your portfolio you would only be risking .62% of your total equity on the trade, and you would now be up 14% on the trade, or 1.4% on your portfolio.

The Trend Pullback trade exited

mean reversion systems

Posted by James_Roe on 12th of Oct 2023 at 05:13 pm

The Trend Pullback trade exited at the close today at 4380.75 on @MES

ES RSI Oversold has also

mean reversion systems

Posted by James_Roe on 27th of Sep 2023 at 05:11 pm

ES RSI Oversold has also taken a first entry at 4,321.75.

This trade has a PF of 250.07, but with only 17 trades it's not a super common one. Total percent profitable is 88.24%

This issue has now been resolved, you no longer need to refresh to see updates to your favorites list.

Yeah that favorites refresh issue is on my todo.

You just have to click favorites, it doesn't show up unless you're on the favorites tab.


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