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I agree but the desktop trading platform TWS has a somewhat complex learning curve. I have a relatively small account I keep at TD Ameritrade so I have access to the TOS platform but I execute the trades at IB.  IB margin rates are the lowest in the industry by FAR.  Customer service is really poor, almost impossible to get through to a human, online ticket response time can be over a week.  If you have a sizable account and trade frequently you should really consider IB.

take a look at it now, I should have taken a profit yesterday

yeah Friday I sold the 40 puts for this week. everyone's risk tolerance, overall portfolio composition, is different. i sold them friday for 3.00 they are .79 now due to decrease in implied volatility (even though stock price is lower from 328 friday to 250 now).

Depending on your risk tolerance you could consider selling weekly puts, I am short the Feb 5th 40s

yes I've had the same sorts of slowness. I normally don't restart it during the week but did today and the problem persists

FWIW I have been long for a while picking up the 4% dividend. It may have been a classic buy on rumor, sell on news re: the vaccine. However we are in early stages of the vaccine rollout and think it will ultimately help their bottom line.

FWIW I prefer having more stocks and less ETFs

I actually have been trading a system for the last 3 years that does this using ES futures. The results are impressive. You can mitigate the drawdown using judicious stop select. It is seems very counterintuitive but works. 

Those of you with enough equity can trade bitcoin futures on Interactive Brokers. The monthly roll is costly but if you have a portfolio margin account is very low cost.

Make sure you keep track

SPX KISS Daily observation

Posted by 2schnauzers on 21st of Nov 2020 at 02:05 pm

Make sure you keep track of these excellent observations!

For those of us who

Posted by 2schnauzers on 27th of Aug 2020 at 07:39 pm

For those of us who trade NQ it would be great to have corresponding DVT stops, just saying...

I have been watching it. Also looked closely at PSH.Netherlands but that is a PFIC which requires form 8621 not worth the trouble

I'd be interested in hearing about drawdowns. Also if it netted $500k I dont think commissions would be a consideration :-)


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