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On the next SPY Pro

SPY Pro system new stop

Posted by rojoch on 2nd of Nov 2017 at 02:41 pm

On the next SPY Pro entry, if we want to try it with XIV how would we know where to put the hard stops?  Are they following a Moving Average?

Any updates on what AAPL's

AAPL System possible trade

Posted by rojoch on 15th of Jun 2017 at 07:42 pm

Any updates on what AAPL's subsystems are doing?  Went 50% long on your signal a few days ago.  Hadn't heard anything since...


What about just being able

SPY Pro system Important Update

Posted by rojoch on 28th of Mar 2017 at 03:36 pm

What about just being able to see the status of all 12 indicators?

Is there a way to

SPY Pro system Important Update

Posted by rojoch on 28th of Mar 2017 at 02:57 pm

Is there a way to look at these 12 charts each day?

Making Super-huge trade idea lists easier to manage?

Posted by rojoch on 17th of Jan 2017 at 03:45 pm

Lots of ideas in this week's Trade Idea list ( 32! ).

Looking at the ordering, are they ranked A / B / C (best- to worst-setups)?  Trying to figure out why they're not listed alphabetically (which would make it a lot easier to manage on my trading platform's watchlist).  I'm sure there's a reason for the current ordering; just can't figure it out.



electricjmr, I think they're all option contracts.  So pre-defined maximum risk (pay up front for the option to buy/sell at a later price).  The upfront cost of the option is the max risk.

I found this link in the comments at that site helpful too:

At the time of writing, it required a phone call *every* time... which could really add up if you're doing several trades per day.

There's got to be a better way.

Thanks sschulman, I'll check out the link.

Thanks mulisko, I'm currently with TDW and iTrade.

With iTrade, I pay $30/quarter for the "US-Friendly" account which:

  • keeps the USD/CAD exchange fixed for all trades in a given day (setting it after the market closes) -- which works well *only* if you close out all your trades every day
  • uses the same USD/CAD exchange rate on buys and sells (i.e. no spread).

However as soon as a trade continues past the end of the initial day, I'm back into playing roulette with the currency movements. 

And iTrade's real-time P/L figures (in FlightDesk) don't use the fixed rate when showing the P/L of a given stock.  I've had several times where FlightDesk shows a CAD profit when I sell, but it settles as a loss two days later.

For some reason, I rarely seem to be holding stocks when the exchange rate moves in my favour.

This Spring, I suffered a 40% drawdown on a huge position (yes, I know, the dangers of using fundaments-only rather than technical indicators).  Half that loss (20%!) was due to how far the USD/CAD exchange rate had changed since I bought the stock 6 years earlier (turned a 6-bagger into a 4-bagger).

The problem with buying just Canadian stocks/ETFs is the lack of sites (like this) that provide good technical analysis on them....

Has anyone found a good source for Canadian technical analysis?


I too am tempted to avoid US Stocks in my CAD accounts *but* all my investment assets are within RRSPs/RESP/TFSA.


BreakpointTrades only seems to run their analysis on US Stocks though, defeating the purpose of being a member here Smile


Is there a way to *hedge* against currency movements by buying/selling offsetting USD whenever a trade is made?

Thanks polish1.  Do you have to phone TDW each time (which I remember doing with TDW 10+ years ago)?  Or can you configure your online account to automatically do this now?

How do Canadians hedge USD/CAD fluctuations within RRSPs?

Posted by rojoch on 6th of Jan 2017 at 02:09 pm

Keep getting burned on the USD/CAD exchange rate when making swing trades because all my trades settle in CAD.


Most recent example: Bought 400 HFC on Dec 23rd @ $33.04 USD.  Set stop limit at $32.38 USD ($200 USD risk at the time).

Stopped out today (2 weeks later) at 32.38 USD.

However, it will settle as a $500 CAD loss because the USD/CAD exchange rate has changed during this time.

This has happened over and over and over for me.

How do people trade USD stocks within Canadian RRSP / RESP plans??  Surely this is a common problem.




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