This looks ominous! 

Interesting View

Posted by cozz101 on 11th of Aug 2019 at 04:36 pm

This looks ominous! 

So THANKS so much for

SPY system update

Posted by cozz101 on 8th of Aug 2019 at 12:05 pm

So THANKS so much for your expertise and I look forward to the next trade!

Thanks Matt & Steve... I'm

SPY system update

Posted by cozz101 on 8th of Aug 2019 at 11:56 am

Thanks Matt & Steve... I'm a short timer to your site but I had faith in your system and took this SPY trade...had to close out a few minutes ago as I'm on vacation and won't be back to close out at days end. Let me say this trade just paid for my vacation!

Thanks, this helps! 

Any chance of a SPY

Posted by cozz101 on 5th of Aug 2019 at 12:51 pm

Any chance of a SPY system signal today?

On this note, is it better to buy SPY at market in the after hour session or put in a limit for the price we closed at? I put in a limit near market to purchase this time but it was higher than the close. Would it be better to put a limit in at the closing price knowing it may not fill? Just want to get this right going forward. Thanks

Thanks for giving the heads up earlier...I did take a few trades then but waited for the bulk until you gave the go ahead. I am new to after hours trading and see that even on SPY prices are slightly worse than the close but regardless, we are talking pennies and I'm glad to be in on my first trade with BPT SPY system!

That's going to be a

Trading View

Posted by cozz101 on 30th of Jul 2019 at 12:40 pm

That's going to be a great stop loss weapon to have in the arsenal...thanks so much for what you do! 

Hi Matt,   Do you know how many long trades a year you anticipate from all the subsystems combined (based on backtesting)  and also what the average number of open subsystem trades would be at any one time? 

I realize the new Hi Probability SPY system has not been trading all that long but just wondered based on any backtesting you have done.  Thanks!

I agree with you Matt, it seems you have the newsletter set up with multiple options so that if one chooses they can just look at those charts they are interested in. But I thought last nights commentary was very helpful and although I only trade etfs, I'm sure some traders would like to follow your suggestions (ie trade the smaller gold/silver/metal stocks at the tail end of a overall sector move). 

Thanks will do; I did check spam but did not receive anything. 

Looks like it was a great last few trades. I'm new to the site so I had not taken those trades but routing for the others! Just curious, did you send some type of signal out via email later yesterday? I saw this on the board so would have been aware of the trade but did not receive an email. 

Thank you, this is really helpful knowing how the signals are sent out. I will check with Etrade and make sure I have the option to trade the etf afterhours. 

And also, when you get the chance on the back data, trade examples and FAQs that would be great although I know you are super busy.  I am looking forward to trading the signals and being a part the community here.   

Hi Matt, I'm new to

SPY system comments and feedback needed

Posted by cozz101 on 13th of Jul 2019 at 08:39 pm

Hi Matt, I'm new to the site so can I ask when do you send the signals for the SPY system (time of day)? Do you send these signals via email?  Is there any data going further back or is it not posted because you have revamped the system? I'm looking forward to participating going forward. Thanks!

Hi, following the SPY system,

Posted by cozz101 on 11th of Jul 2019 at 09:51 am

Hi, following the SPY system, looks like last signal trade is still open but has an exit price. Did this last position close at 298.8 on SPY? Thanks! 


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