Check out the news letter for today.  I believe Matt covered it in near the beginning of the recording.

I don't know what broker you use but Fidelity gives you that for free with their active trader software.

Today, Fidelity will not let me open a position on XIV or SVKY (I was able to buy a little SVKY yesterday).  People trying to sell might have a difficult time selling (no demand) making the price of XIV disjointed from the underlying contract value in the ETN.  When ETN closes there seems to be a possibility the distribution you receive could be much higher than the value of XIV.  Anyone have a thought on this or experience with this type of situation?

Does anyone know if XIV

Posted by cape_rover on 7th of Feb 2018 at 05:20 am

Does anyone know if XIV will continue to trade contacts right up to the close? Or is Credit Suisse done trading contracts and what ever the ETN's contracts were worth yesterday is what XIV will close at later this month?  From what I have read they will continue to trade contracts per the prospectus. 

If CS continues to trade contracts, and the VIX goes down, and people capitulate, could the ETN's contracts be worth more on the closing day than what XIV is trading at - thus when funds are dispersed, you may get more funds than what the underlying XIV shares were worth?  In other words, if the XIV is way oversold, could the ETN's contracts/share be worth more than the closing price of XIV?

Below is from the prospectus- it addresses a trading premium but what if XIV closes at a trading discount - the funds you receive would be greater than the value of the XIV shares - correct?


limitation or suspension on the issuance of the ETNs may materially and adversely affect the price and liquidity of the ETNs in the

secondary market. Alternatively, the decrease in supply may cause an imbalance in the market supply and demand, which may cause the

ETNs to trade at a premium over the indicative value of the ETNs. Any premium may be reduced or eliminated at any time. Paying a

premium purchase price over the indicative value of the ETNs could lead to significant losses in the event the investor sells such ETNs at a

time when such premium is no longer present in the market place or such ETNs are accelerated (including at our option, which we have the

discretion to do at any time), in which case investors will receive a cash payment in an amount equal to the Closing Indicative Value on the

Accelerated Valuation Date (each as defined herein). Investors should consult their financial advisors before purchasing or selling the ETNs,

especially for ETNs trading at a premium over their indicative value.

 it is trading now, I bought a few in the $11s

How did your systems close?  VIX system closed inside its BB.

Thanks for the post.

I wonder if the industrial

SQ Updated View

Posted by cape_rover on 5th of Jan 2018 at 10:48 pm

I wonder if the industrial loan banking license is going to be approved soon?  

Looks like SPY is touching

Posted by cape_rover on 4th of Jan 2018 at 12:48 pm

Looks like SPY is touching the upper trend line.  Time for a reversal?

Looks like SPY is touching

Posted by cape_rover on 4th of Jan 2018 at 12:48 pm

Looks like SPY is touching the upper trend line.  Time for a reversal?

Thanks for combining the news letters.  The two seperate news letters takes too much time to get thru for me.  

I don’t know about others but I would suggest you add UNG back to the charts consistently rather than just the Natural gas commodity.  UNG moves well  in the winter season for decent quick trades..

 Small caps Were up 1.5% today partially because of the tax news going to the Senate floor 

 If I want to read the stuff I’ll go to CNN 

Sq bounced off 20dma.  Bottom

Posted by cape_rover on 28th of Nov 2017 at 07:14 am

Sq bounced off 20dma.  Bottom or more downside?

Square is draining the water out of shopifys Moat

Posted by cape_rover on 23rd of Nov 2017 at 01:59 pm

Square and GoDaddy Forge a Crucial Partnership: What Investors Need to Know

Looks like square is going after Shopify’s $10B market cap!

 This is related to Himax

Himax - Half of the company is boring low margin drivers for displays and the other half is exciting 3-D sensing technology.  

SQ - Propritay credit card system attaches to your cell phone.  Used by underserved small businesses.  Great at rural places that dont have wifi like food truck vendors and farmers markets. Run by twitter Dorsey.  Creating an ecosystem for vendors- providing loans, etc.  Getting into banking.  Expanded into UK.  Stock probably overpriced - earnings in Nov.

Yes, we are very close


Posted by cape_rover on 26th of Oct 2017 at 12:10 pm

Yes, we are very close to the apex.  I'm in.


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