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buy on price.  thats it. 

Today is a rip day. 

Posted by ssaffer on 18th of May 2020 at 01:29 pm

Today is a rip day.  Very few pullbacks. 

SP500 wants to break the

Posted by ssaffer on 18th of May 2020 at 10:21 am

SP500 wants to break the 3000 marker today.  

Long SPXL.  SPY June 19

Posted by ssaffer on 18th of May 2020 at 10:16 am

Long SPXL.  SPY June 19 Calls ATM.  Looks like b down and now final C up.  

short squeeze started rally this week.

I have one trading account this is now 100% metals account.   It is a Fidelity account.  And I look at the account only once a month.  I just checked it this weekend and It is on fire.  i have it auto buy every month into SLV and IAU.  

ha.  Love it.  

Look, even if we get a vaccine in 8-10 months that doesn't mean that it is going to be 100% effective.  Look at the flu vaccine.  There is no 'V" recovery.  The second quarter is going to be a lot worse than Q1.    What I have learned is not to get caught up in predictions just trade price action, whether the market goes up or down.  The market and the economy are not connected right now but at some point they will meet and it will be an ugly scenario.  

I keep buying 2021 $15 calls that are now working out very well.  Thanks for that call a while ago.  

We cannot afford anymore bailouts, we need to get back to work as a country and produce.   Mind boggling all these new bills popping up for trillions of dollars.   A banana Repulbic. 

People dont trust the Fed.   And the trillions being spent like drunken sailors. 

Roger - I roger that.  My spidey sense says they jammed it into the close today, gap down on Monday and then trap Bears to squeeze them up into that upper rail next week. 

I will check it out.  Thanks for the info. 

Lets see if we dump

Posted by ssaffer on 15th of May 2020 at 03:29 pm

Lets see if we dump into the close.  

For years i have been taking.  Vit D3 (10,000mg) a day, Vit C 500mg chewable, Zinc Phosphate, Tumeric, Omega and 80% vegetarian dishes I eat.  I have meat maybe once a month and fish once a week.     Monday my gym opens back up and I can start a more rigorous work out program as I have been riding just the bike for now.   Thats how I fight Covid-19, not hunkered down in a fox hole waiting for the enemy to get me.  I always want to be on offense, pro-active and not reactive.  Just my two cents. 

Anyone buy any GNC this

Posted by ssaffer on 15th of May 2020 at 03:13 pm

Anyone buy any GNC this am?  up 13% today.   I put out a memo last night about it.  

Next week will be a

Lots of SPY Fake-Outs This Afternoon :)

Posted by ssaffer on 15th of May 2020 at 03:11 pm

Next week will be a great trading week.  I can smell it in the air:)  I need to ask Senator Fienstien whats good to buy or sell for next week.  

Yes.   I am on

Lots of SPY Fake-Outs This Afternoon :)

Posted by ssaffer on 15th of May 2020 at 02:58 pm

Yes.   I am on the sidelines.  Too much chop for me.  Taking the rest of the day off.  Get the boat ready for fishing tomorrow.   No Covid-19 out on the water (yet).   Probably be next weeks news cycle (Fish spreading Covid-19, they sneeze in your face as you pull them up to the boat, stay locked in your house and dont move).  

 $25 Trillion and going higher.  Some states better think about opening sooner than later before they collapse on themselves.   Georgia opened up two weeks ago with much to the chagrin of the CDC.  They actually have reported a 13% reduction in cases.  But if you live in Illinois where if a patient has terminal cancer and has a couple days to live and gets  Covid-19.  It says Covid-19 on their death certificate.  So in those states the #'s will keep increasing (terminal cancer, hear attack, etc..doesn't matter - you died of Covid-19) to support the lock down.   More people will end up dying from Suicide, kids from domestic violence, drug overdose,  and oh wait we have suspended programs to go after pedophiles and other criminals but they want to send a "tracker" after you (Blart the Mall cop).    Anyway. Back to the markets...............

Not sure about that.  Price action has not confirmed nor showing a set up for a big move up at the end of the day unless Blackrock starts buying ETF's towards the close. 


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