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GDX - Chart Link- with the dollar bounce you can see GDX down, stalled at that downtrend line

GDX - Chart Link- also the GDX/GLD ratio was giving an early warning late last week

nice bounce in the US Dollar

Posted by matt on 3rd of Aug 2020 at 09:41 am

UUP - Chart Link- spotted that positive divergence mid last week and Steve and I both discussed, causing weakness in the metals

UUP - Chart Link-

ROKU follow up

Posted by matt on 3rd of Aug 2020 at 09:36 am

ADT follow up sometimes you get lucky

Posted by matt on 3rd of Aug 2020 at 09:34 am

ADT - Chart Link was a long of mine broke out last week, I was still holding it, up nearly 60% today on deal with GOOGL

As I stated, the DVT

Weekend Newsletter

Posted by matt on 2nd of Aug 2020 at 11:48 pm

As I stated, the DVT exits and re entries are already notified on the website, they have been since May i.e. the DVT was hit in early June then the system re entered back long in late June.  

as far as will I point out when I see additional low risk trade opportunities when the SPX or various starts are already in an uptrend and you see a pullback on the BPT MA into the ribbons and a corresponding cycle buy trigger?  I am planning to do some of that, I'm not sure how many many instruments or things I will do that with, I'll start small and go from there.  I do believe that this could be a fantastic way to point out all sorts of trade setups on anyway such as the market, individual stocks, commodities, really anything. The really cool thing about this method is that it works for any instrument, any time frame. But again there's a whole logistics there, I don't know what I'm going to do.  I mean I could see doing a whole website just based on that and nothing else. I'm one guy, I can't do everything. 

I do think there is a market for leasing this out where folks can have it on their side and follow instruments they want and get easy low risk triggers 

again it's early, too early for me to state anything concrete. But I do plan to start pointing these out more and more

? You don't recall me

Weekend Newsletter

Posted by matt on 2nd of Aug 2020 at 11:39 pm

? You don't recall me telling you when to get back in? Remember June, the DVT stop was hit in early June, then the system got back in in late June after the abc correction and I sent out and email stating that it got back in in real time. Discussed it that day in the newsletter, trading community blog, AND at the bottom of the newsletter emails, and was updated on the DVT page.

Weekend Newsletter

Posted by matt on 2nd of Aug 2020 at 04:08 pm

Here's the very comprehensive Weekend Newsletter

some new setups

Posted by matt on 1st of Aug 2020 at 11:30 pm

QQQ DVT 401k

Posted by matt on 31st of Jul 2020 at 04:05 pm

here's the image of the QQQ's with the same indicators I use for the SPX.

you can see the DVT's, the MA pinch a few days ago, and cycle buys a few days ago as well, also a cycle buy appeared yesterday

here's some intra day examples


Posted by matt on 31st of Jul 2020 at 03:49 pm

here's some intra day examples on AAPL someone asked me about: So using a 5 min, 3 min, 1 min look for BPT MA deluxe to pinch into the ribbons, then get your cycle buy on 1 min or 3 min - easy trades day trades. 3 trade setups intra day one in morning, mid day, and afternoon

here's an image, the DVT


Posted by matt on 31st of Jul 2020 at 03:24 pm

here's an image, the DVT triggerd a buy in late March dotted white line, and kep you in whole time, every time the BPT MA pulled into the ribbons gave you additional buy opportunities. A couple days ago you had a low risk buy from the cycle 195 min 1/2 day chart cycle

I showed it on the


Posted by matt on 31st of Jul 2020 at 03:20 pm

I showed it on the Zoom webinar earlier via my system charts, gave a nice buy signal a few days ago from the MA pinch and cycle

nice follow through on CANE

Posted by matt on 31st of Jul 2020 at 02:58 pm

sent out email I'm on the Zoom now will be on for about 30 min to discuss a few items

yes the auto refresh may not catch those new stickies. That sticky was from yesterday not today so it's not new but the auto refresh isn't perfect and may not catch those for some reason. Once in a while click that Chronological button at the top to hard refresh

image of that

in the sticky post 3rd

where is the link for the Zoom please?

Posted by matt on 31st of Jul 2020 at 09:54 am

in the sticky post 3rd from top?  how you guys not see that?  click the title to expand

ADT nice follow through

Posted by matt on 31st of Jul 2020 at 09:52 am

I have that Zoom meeting up again so you are free to go on anytime, right now I just have it displaying the intra day ES.  I'll get on there later and talk about gold etc, show it on my charts using my new stuff to show you what I think will occur there. But otherwise the GDX/GLD ratio on the daily warning there

very short term on that push had a bunch of R's on the sentiment indicator. basically means rookies. Basically what that indicator measures is average size of the buy/sell orders and when they are small orders representing small traders i.e. who are often wrong short term chasing a breakout at the highs or shorting or selling at the lows.


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