Good morning everyone and happy Monday, though not for the market as futures are strongly down this morning with ES S&P 500 futures currently down 83 points. 

This is an early FYI heads up that at this moment the Bear Long sub system on ES/MES futures is showing a possible first entry long today (would not confirm until the closing bar of course). I bring this up because we may also see the same thing for the bear long or one of the subs systems on the SPY ETF as well. I will let you know later today, however I figured that I would give you an early FYI to be on the lookout today especially if you are a working busy professional who doesn't sit and monitor the market all day long like a day trade (you work a job) but you trade these end of day systems because they work for you.

here's a link to the Trading Community below where I post updates. Also, on the image below the sub system currently showing a possible entry is in the middle left hand side bear long.

Trading Community Post


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